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A construction site is rated as one of the most dangerous places to be employed. One in 10 people will be injured while working on a construction site this year. When you estimate how many construction workers there are in the United States, this number is very revealing. Construction sites are more dangerous than other workplaces because the employees deal with toxic substances, ladders, scaffolding, manual labor and heavy equipment and machinery. There are plenty of opportunities for injury.

Workers on construction sites are exposed to great danger potential daily, even though most sites follow strict health and safety rules. In the United States the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets and enforces standards concerning workplace safety and health. Unfortunately, not all precautions make accidents and injuries unavoidable.

If you have been injured working on a construction site, you may need the services of a workers compensation attorney who specializes in construction accidents. If you happen to be an innocent bystander injured on, or near, a construction site, due to negligence, you should review your case with a construction accident lawyer. You may be entitled to medical benefits, lost wages and payment for permanent disability or pain and suffering.

If you are the family member of someone who has been injured on a construction site that has resulted in death, consult a Vermont construction accident lawyer attorney. They may be able to fight for compensation for your pain and suffering.

The state of Vermont will not make an insurance company pay a claim to an employee if it can prove they are using drugs or alcohol on the job, and in some cases in their private time. Your best bet is to contact an attorney as soon as possible after you are injured so they can review your case.

Your lawyer can also interview witnesses, gather evidence and deal with the insurance company. Soon after your accident is reported, you will likely hear from the insurance claims adjuster assigned to your case. They will try to get a taped statement concerning the accident. The job of a claims adjuster is to pay you as little as possible, if at all. They are looking out for their employer, the insurance company, and not you. You should avoid speaking to them until you have had a chance to speak with an attorney.

When you ask for a consultation with a lawyer, they will tell you if their services are necessary. If they think it is a straightforward case with injuries that are not serious they may advise you to handle it on your own. The person(s) liable could be your employer, another worker at the site, a contractor, or the manufacturer depending on your case. A lawyer would be able to determine who is held responsible based upon the facts provided and the circumstances surround the accident. Since most personal injury and workers compensation attorneys work on contingency, they will not take your case unless they think they have a good chance of winning it or they will not get paid.

Finding a construction accident lawyer requires a little homework. You will want to ensure that they are members of the Vermont Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Ask any questions you have, a reputable lawyer would be more than happy to gain your trust and go above and beyond answering any questions you may have. Make sure to ask about their successes in the construction accident field.


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