Lamictal, which is the brand name of the generic drug Lamotrigine, is an anticonvulsant drug given to patients with bipolar disorder or epilepsy. It is also useful in patients with major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, although research into the use of this drug for these disorders is still in the early stages of development. Common side effects of the drug include insomnia, dizziness, and headaches. However, a very severe side effect as also been discovered a major rash, manifesting itself as an allergy, called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a potentially life-threatening condition that affects both the skin and the mucous membranes. This condition is more likely to occur in children or patients under the age of 16, so Lamictal is typically reserved for adult patients. There have been reported cases of people dying from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which they contracted following the use of Lamictal.

Another problem that has been associated with Lamictal is the potential for birth defects when taken by women who are pregnant. It was reported that if a pregnant woman takes the drug during her first trimester, the baby has a higher risk of being born with a cleft palate. It is for this reason that the drug should not be taken by pregnant women, unless the benefits of the drug outweigh the negatives. Additionally, women who are breastfeeding should avoid this drug, as it can be passed to the baby through breastmilk.

If you or a loved one has taken Lamictal and had severe side effects, such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, or a child with a birth defect, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Especially in the case of serious illness or death, you need to make sure that the drug manufacturer is held accountable for their negligence in informing you or your doctor about the side effects of, and the subsequent harm caused to you by, this medication.

Do not hesitate to contact an attorney because you are afraid of the financial burden it may impose. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney takes a percentage of the compensation you receive from the drug company, or will collect nothing at all if your case is not won. The amount he or she may claim varies depending on the state and the attorney. This way, you can hire an attorney to take your case and not have to pay them any money up front. Furthermore, because their payment depends on the success of your case, you know they will work hard to get you all that you deserve.

The number of people who have become ill after taking Lamictal and other drugs has increased over the past few years, so there are attorneys who specialize in suing the manufacturers of medications. Although any personal injury attorney should be able to help you with your case, make sure that they have some experience dealing with faulty medication lawsuits

When you speak with an attorney, he or she will likely ask you a number of questions about your medical history, financial losses from the illness, and a variety of other questions that are relevant to the case. These questions are necessary to evaluate the viability of your case. Because the attorney works on contingency, they want to make sure that your case has a good chance of success before they take your case.

Once your attorney takes your case, they will meet with the drug company and discuss the possibility of a settlement. Often both sides want to avoid the lengthy and costly process of a trial, so the drug company may be willing to settle with you. It will be your choice whether to take the settlement or go to trial, but talk it over with your attorney so that you make the right decision. Don't let the drug company get away for the harm they've caused to your or your family. Get a lawyer or attorney on your side and get the compensation you deserve.