Propulsid, trade name of the generic, Cisapride, is a prescription drug intended to treat chronic nighttime heartburn. Manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutica, it was approved for public use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1993. This is a drug that increases the contractions of the muscles located in the lower part of the esophagus and its sphincter, which prohibits the reflux of acid and the other contents of the stomach up the esophagus. However, patients who are suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux have weak sphincters.

The weakening of this muscle allows the reflux of the acids in the stomach to the esophagus, causing damage to the esophagus and side effects such as heartburn. Propulsid reduces the occurrence of reflux by strengthening the sphincter, prohibiting acids from escaping the stomach. Propulsid hastens the process of digestion inside the stomach and empties them into the intestines right away. Since the contents of the stomach are emptied quickly, the stomach typically does not reach its fullest capacity. The drug also works to neutralize the acids, which pose problems for patients. This drug is also prescribed as a treatment for bowel constipation.

Recently, the FDA has been informing specialists about the potential side effects of Propulsid. It has been discovered that this drug increases the risk of cardiac problems. Specialists are also advised to provide alternative treatments to their patients before prescribing Propulsid. The patient should be tested with a 12-lead ECG diagnostic exam before the drug is administered. These recommendations have been urged because of the emergence of several reports regarding rhythmic disorders of the heart. Deaths have also been reported among some patients with undetected ailments other than gastroesophageal reflux.

The use of Propulsid as a treatment for acid reflux has caused sudden deaths due to cardiac arrhythmia or heart arrhythmia. On record, at least 111 people have already died due to medical ailments associated with the use of the drug. There have also been 400 cases in which a patient suffers from an abnormality in the heart as an adverse effect of this drug. As a result, Janssen Pharmaceutica decided to take the product off the market after being hit with lawsuits. Even with the warning that the company would halt its release, doctors continued to prescribe the medicine as treatment for acid reflux. Unknowingly, patients were taking drug, which could have inadvertently caused long-term consequences.

If you or a member of your family has developed ailments because of the use of Propulsid, you should confirm the condition of your health immediately with a specialist. If your problem has developed because your physician or the pharmaceutical company failed to inform you of the possible dangers of Propulsid, contact a lawyer. Aside from legal representation, your lawyer can provide you with information about the drug. Moreover, if your doctor neglected to inform you of all possible side effects of the drug, you may even be able to claim negligence. State statute of limitations laws may prohibit you from obtaining compensation if you file a lawsuit after a given deadline. However, your attorney may be able to help you get around these regulations. He or she can provide you with information regarding your legal rights. He or she can also help you with the legal procedures that are required when filing for a lawsuit.

You do not have to feel obligated when it comes to legal fees, since many lawyers provide you with a service based on contingency. In other words, you may not be required to pay your lawyer's fees while still in the process of litigation, but can, instead, offer a percentage of the compensation that you receive when your case reaches a settlement. If you lose the case, you may not be responsible for any fees as all. A firm that offers these options are confident in their abilities to win legal suits. However, you must act quickly in order to receive compensation you deserve to recover from injuries.