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The generic name of Rezulin is troglitazone and is not usually available in the United States. Rezulin is anti-hyperglycemic, and it helps the body respond to insulin. It also decreases the level of sugar that is produced by the liver, thus controlling the level of blood sugar in the body. This drug is used as a treatment for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes milletus, who do not depend on insulin. They take this along with instructions for strict diet and exercise plans, and if necessary, metformin or sulfonylurea. Before you start treatment involving the use of Rezulin, your doctor will require a test to monitor the function of your liver. The doctor will do this with a series of blood tests each month on the initial year of the treatment.

After the initial year has ended, the blood tests are performed quarterly or after every three months. This drug does not lower the level of blood sugar directly. However, the drug is ineffective when meals are skipped, exercise becomes excessive, or alcohol is consumed. The user of Rezulin may be able to tell if his or her blood sugar is lower than the recommended level when he or she experiences certain symptoms. These symptoms may include weakness, headaches, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, drowsiness, tremors, sweating, or nausea. The user can treat these symptoms and increase blood sugar by chewing on glucose tablets or a piece of hard candy.

If you are a diabetes patient are taking Rezulin to control your blood sugar, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol. It will cause your blood sugar to drop severely, and it might also interrupt the treatment of your diabetes. If you are using birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, it is recommended that you use another method, since Rezulin reduces the effectiveness of the pills. Before you take this kind of drug, you should inform your doctor if you have liver problems.

In May 2000, the FDA recalled Rezulin due to reports that an alarming number of people suffered injury or death as a direct result of taking the drug. There were a reported 391 deaths and nearly 500 cases of severe liver damage, many of which required surgery to fix the damage caused by Rezulin. You should take Rezulin in low dosages or moderation if you have kidney disease, have had heart failure, thyroid disease, have type 1 diabetes, are dependent on insulin, have a serious injury or infection or when you need surgery. You might also require monitoring during the period of your treatment when you are suffering from any of the ailments.

When you are being treated with Rezulin or a drug similar to it, you should strictly follow your dosage requirements, your diet, and your exercise plan. When there is an alteration of any of these, the level of your blood sugar may be affected. If you are undergoing surgery, including dental surgery, you need to inform your specialist or dentist that you are taking Rezulin. During the treatment period of this drug, you should not take medications for colds, coughs, pain, allergies or weight loss pills.

If you have developed an ailment as a cause of the negligence of your physician or the pharmaceutical company who has provided you with Rezulin, contact a lawyer. Your Rezulin drug lawyer will deal assist you in filing a claim against the company. Undergoing serious ailments stemming from the use of a drug requires a great deal of money. You need to have yourself checked by a specialist, as well as a replacement and may be facing a mound of hospital bills. Your lawyer has various resources that will guide him or her during the preparation of your case, and the confidence they need to win your case. When you want to recover the money that you have spent because of an ailment that has been caused by Rezulin, contact a Rezulin drug lawyer or attorney today.