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Serevent is a medication that is used in an inhaler to treat asthma sufferers and people who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Serevent is a bronchodilator; bvronchodilators work to open up the breathing passages of sufferers by relaxing the muscles in the person's airways to facilitate easier breathing. While it is indicated as a treatment for asthma sufferers, it does not cure people who are already experiencing an asthma attack. Instead, it is used to circumvent the asthma attack and prevent it from happening.

Recent studies concerning Serevent have, however, linked a worsening of asthma symptoms in Severent users instead of improvement, and some studies have shown that use of this drug even caused a few deaths. This seems to have a certain connection to findings that while Serevent may relieve asthma, it also promotes bronchial sensitivity and inflammation without any signs or warning.

Serevent is a long lasting beta2-adrenergic receptor agonist. This kind of formulation, the beta2-agonists is what causes the worsening of asthma symptoms that could be potentially fatal. The medication also has a long list of adverse side effects like headaches and dizziness, profuse sweating, vomiting and nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea, and even insomnia. While these may be considered minor concerns, there are also some rather serious side effects associated with the medication. These include side effects such as irregular heartbeat, chronic chest pain, allergic reactions that may cause swelling in some parts of the body or causes a person to break out in hives. Other side effects include severe breathing problems and severe asthma attacks.

These findings, as well as the deaths that have been proven to have been caused by this medication, have brought about the rise in lawsuits and claims regarding probable Serevent deaths and injuries. The number of fatality cases that seem to be connected with Serevent is higher in relation to other similar asthma medications. These deaths are also more prevalent among African-Americans who take Serevent than with Caucasians who take the same medication.

With these adverse side effects, as well as the possibility of death due to Serevent, it was the manufacturer's obligation to place such warnings that state these possibilities. However, they did not fulfill their responsibility. Serevent is still available to people who are being prescribed the inhaler without such warnings on the packaging to inform them of these effects. The manufacturer of Serevent and the company that sells it has a responsibility to provide drugs whose intended benefits outweigh their possible risks, and to inform patients of the dangers and side effects associated with their products. These two parties have not adequately presented consumers with sufficient evidence about the severity of Serevent dangers, and should be held responsible.

If you or a loved one has been taking Serevent or asthma medication that has salmeterol in it, and have had adverse side effects from it, get in touch with a lawyer that specializes in such cases near you. These lawyers can help you or your family member who suffered from the side effects of Serevent to get the compensation you or they are entitled to. The fact that the company who manufactures this medication knows the effects the medicine has on the patients who inhale it and does not inform these patients of these possible adverse effects is considered negligence on their part.

Getting a good lawyer to protect your rights in matters like this is important, since the drug may have jeopardized your life and your rights. If you or someone close to you has taken Serevent and has experienced these side effects, contacting a lawyer is one of the best things to do. These lawyers know what to do to get you the kind of justice you are entitled to after this negligent act. Getting a lawyer to help you punish the companies responsible for the suffering you or your loved one is experiencing due to Serevent should be done as soon as possible.