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Viga, and Viga for Women, distributed by Best Life International, is a dietary supplement version of Viagra, an erectile dysfunction drug. This product was being promoted as an drug that can boost self-confidence, and sexual desire and performance. It is an over the counter product, and was sold over the Internet, allegedly suggesting that it was all natural, and would not result in the same side effects as other drugs with sildenafil. It is illegal for any prescription drug to be sold as a dietary supplement, which are typically non-regulated.

Viga contains sildenafil, a prescription drug that is found in Viagara. This potentially dangerous drug that can lower one's blood pressure to dangerous levels, was found unlabeled in the tablets of Viga. When sildenafil is combined with the other medicine ingredient nitrate, it may cause traumatic effects and possibly result in death. Nitrates are often prescribed to patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smokers, and heart disease. Specifically, the reactions can be deadly for heart disease patients who use nitrates to control chest pains. The dangers of combining nitrate and sildenafil is important for those consumers who use nitrate to recognize. Common side effects of Viga in combination with nitrates are the extreme drop of blood pressure, which can lead to fainting, dizziness, and serious heart disorders.

Unfortunately, the FDA approves many products, but until they are placed on store shelves and until sold to the masses, do all of the risks come to light. The obvious lying and negligence on Best Life International's part is illegal, and can potentially injure or kill someone. Their inhuman desire for money allowed them to sell a product without correctly labeling the product of all it's ingredients. In many cases, consumers trust that the labels on products are trust worthy, and for the most part people read them, especially when they have other medical conditions. However, when a company knowingly misinforms the public to encourage sales, the FDA considers this to be unlawful.

With the reports about the drug's ingredient that causes low blood pressure, Best Life International, at first, warned the consumers to discontinue use of the drug. However, in May of 2003, they voluntarily closed the distribution of the drug to avoid certain legal cases that may damage the company in the long run. Best Life International has offered their services for those who have purchased Viga already.

Consumers who are currently using Viga need to immediately stop, especially if you take any drugs containing nitrates. If a patient has used Viga and is currently experiencing medical concerns, they should contact their medical provider. However, those who have suffered severe damages because of this product should also contact an attorney who specializes in Viga litigation.

Legal rights and the health of the consumers should be protected, and together with an attorney, you can do so. These companies should be held liable for the damages that they have inflicted on the users. Compensations for losses, damages, and suffering that have been sustained by the patients should be offered, but the most importantly, the goal is to get these unsafe drugs off the market and of the marketplace. Thus, victims should contact lawyers immediately for proper legal guidance. You may be entitled to monetary damages for their lack of honesty. You trusted them with your safety, in hopes of improving your lifestyle, and they blatantly lied to you and the general public.