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To avoid an animal attack, it is important to look out for signs of potential aggression, such as a chain around the animal's neck, foaming at the mouth, an unkempt appearance, baring of teeth and growling. If you have done everything you can to avoid an animal attack, and you become the victim of an animal bite or attack nonetheless, seek medical help immediately. If you have sustained significant injuries that have resulted in high medical bills, loss of wages, or pain and suffering, it may be in your best interests to hire an Alaska dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney.

Dogs are naturally predatory animals, and are capable of inflicting severe physical damage on, or even killing an individual. Some breed of dogs are inherently more aggressive than others, but even the most well-behaved dogs are capable of attacking without warning.

Alaska does not have a specific law on animal bites. Therefore the standard law of negligence is used in dog bite cases. However, an owner is liable if he failed to keep a potentially dangerous dog away from the public. In this case, strict liability applies. The victim must prove that the owner had prior knowledge of the dog's dangerous potential. All animal bite cases are held to this standard.

Alaska has no statewide leash laws. A dog is allowed to roam, but if it does happen to bite, there is immediate recourse for the victim. Dogs who bite animals and humans can be shot upon sight, if the incident was unprovoked. Additionally, the shot can be administered by anyone with a legal license to carry a weapon. There is no need to call an animal shelter or veterinarian for the job.

Even after the dog is shot, however, the owner is allowed to bring civil action against the person who shot the dog. This could invite inquiry into owner liability for the bite injury, however. An Alaskan attorney should be consulted before proceeding.

The general rule is that the owner must control his dog. If he fails to do so, and the victim's attorney can prove it, then that owner is liable for the bite. The victim can seek damages which include lost wages, medical expenses, and awards for punitive damage, pain and suffering. In more severe cases in which the victim can prove that the owner knew that his animal was dangerous, but allowed it to either run free or mingle with people, then that owner is liable under strict liability. The victim must prove that the owner knew that the dog was potentially dangerous.

Bite cases in Alaska are handled by personal injury attorneys, who are well-versed in the state's dog bite laws, and who have experience with dog bite lawsuits. Civil defense attorneys handle owner's cases. Both attorneys are needed if a bite case is initiated. Actually, the attorneys should be consulted soon after the bite incident. The victim and the owner both have rights that need to be protected under Alaskan law. An attorney who specializes in dog and animal bites can ensure that those rights are protected.


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