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Dogs are naturally predatory animals, and are capable of inflicting severe physical injury on an individual. Some breeds of dogs are inherently more aggressive than others, but even the most well behaved dog are capable of attacking without warning. It is obvious that animal owners are not always able to have totally control of their dogs, if they do so intentionally and neglect the signs that their dog is dangerous, they have a price to pay. With the help of an Arkansas dog/animal bite lawyer or attorney, victims can recover damages and compensation from the owner responsible for his or her injuries.

Although Arkansas does not employ a dog bite statute such as the one-bite rule, incidents of dog and animal bites fall under a common liability law. It says that a person who is injured by a dog can recover damages from the dog's owner if he or she proves that the owner's negligence caused the injuries. In addition, the victim can use the strict liability theory, in which he/she must prove that the dog was of a vicious species or that the owner had previous knowledge of the dog or animals vicious or violent tendencies.

It is illegal for the owner of the animal to try and hide or sell the animal following an attack incident. The owner must also report the incident to authorities, and failure to do so could result in fines and penalties. The dog that committed the offense must be put in confinement for a period of ten days by a veterinarian or animal impound.

Many dog bites can lead to permanent injury, both physical and mental. Dog and animal bites can lead to an influx of medical and treatment bills, as there may be injuries that require ongoing medical attention and/or rehabilitation, such as;
Nerve damage
Tissue damage/loss
Broken bones

If scarring is prevalent enough, or a disfigurement, severe enough, it can lead to years of plastic or re- constructive surgery. Many times, animals attack the face instinctively. For this reason, the majority of injuries are found on the face, and require proper treatment and care in order to heal properly.

It is vital to take the necessary steps to not only having the dog bite treated, but also in preserving any evidence of the attack that can assist with building your case. Seeking medical attention promptly is the most important; a wound may not look severe on the outside, but it could actually be harboring an infection that can quickly worsen if not treated. Injuries that seem superficial may overlay possible fractures, and torn or damaged tendons, vessels or nerves.

There is no dangerous dog statute in the State of Arkansas. Arkansas does have common law liability enforced. Therefore, in Arkansas, an individual who has been injured by a dog can recover monetary damages from the owner of the dog as long as the Arkansas dog bite lawyer retained in the case can prove that the owner has been negligent in causing such injury to the plaintiff. In order to do so, you must have an experienced Arkansas dog bite lawyer who will represent your interests and deliver the best possible results.


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