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Dog bite cases are handled by attorneys who specialize in dog and animal attack injury cases, a branch of personal injury law. They may also represent the defendant, or owner of the dog, in court. Dog bite laws are different in each state, so hiring a lawyer from the state where an incident took place is key to building a solid case. Dog bite lawyers/attorneys assist victims in recovering compensation related to medical treatment and expenses for injuries sustained, as well as for lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. For both injured and the owner, an attorney specializing in dog bite law is essential if a victim chooses to file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog.

Many states have enacted the one-bite law, which protects dog owners from lawsuits in the event their dog does attack someone for the first time. The basis of this law is that the owner should not be held accountable if there was no prior history of the dog's violent behavior. However, there are circumstances where the law may not be applicable even if it is the law of the state.

The owner can be held responsible if he or she was negligent in his/her actions to control the dog, such as letting the dog roam free, or neglecting to put up a warning sign. If the owner was in violation of a leash law, the injured may have grounds for a lawsuit. If the dog does have a history of violent behavior but has never injured someone, this too may be grounds to overrule the one-bite law. In order for this to take effect, the injured party and the lawyer must prove:

The dog has a tendency to snap at strangers
The dog is a trained attack animal
The dog owner cautions others that the dog may bite
The dog often wears a muzzle

These can all be signs of a dog's dangerous potential. Figuring out whether an owner was aware of an animals dangerous potential can prove to be difficult. The question that is most asked is whether the owner knew of the potential for harm, or whether the owner only knew that the type of pet is potentially harmful. Most courts believe that a dog owner is responsible for both the general and possible potential for their dogs to cause harm. Even if an owner of a dangerous breed of dog had never seen their pet act violently, the owner may still be held liable because of the history of the dog's breed and its tendency to act violently.

Dog bite victims can suffer greatly after the incident, especially if the injuries are severe enough to warrant extensive medical attention. Emotional trauma may also occur following a violent, unprovoked dog bite/attack. An experienced dog bite lawyer/attorney will be able to recover compensation for the victim for medical bills, insurance and lost wages. The attorney may also secure punitive damages for pain and suffering. Many dog bite lawyer/attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means they will only be paid if your case is won. If you don't win, it means they didn't do their job, and do not expect payment from you.

Both the owner and the victim in a dog biting incident should be represented by an attorney who is familiar with dog bite and personal injury laws. There are many issues involved in a dog bite case that require the specialized attention that neither owner nor victim are equipped to handle on their own. Although hiring an attorney is no guarantee that either side will win, it is the best way to ensure that each side's argument is presented in the most accurate way possible.


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