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Idaho's dog and animal bite law is strict, and dog owners are fully liable to the injured in the event that it was their dog that bit the injured individual. This means that no matter what occurred, the owner of the dog is always liable even if that same dog has bitten no one else.

Idaho does not have a dog bite statute.

Under Idaho common law liability, the plaintiff must prove that the owner of the dog was negligent and that this negligence caused the injury. The dog's owner is liable for any damages incurred by the injured individual, if the owner had knowledge or should have known that the dog had the tendency to bite or cause injury.

Under Idaho law, a 'vicious dog' is considered any dog that even if not provoked will still attack, wound, bit or injure any individual who is not trespassing at the time of the injury. Under Idaho's 'vicious dog' statue, the state requires that dog owners take sufficient responsibility to keep the vicious dog in a secure enclosure so that the dog cannot escape. The state also requires that the entry and exit are controlled by the dog owner. If the dog is not in an enclosed location, the dog must be kept on a chain that is enough to control the dog.

Not only can dog and animal bites be traumatic and physically painful in and of themselves, but they can also put an individual at risk for different bacterial infections. One such infection from bites that is becoming more common is a bacterial strain known as MRSA. It is resistant to antibiotics, and it is often found in hospitals. Other serious infections can occur from a bite, and though the wound may not look serious, bacteria can be planted deep into joint and tendon spaces. Injuries that seem superficial may overlay possible fractures, involve lacerated tendons, vessels or nerves, extend into body cavities, and even infiltrate joint spaces.
Dog and animal bites can lead to numerous medical and treatment bills. Additionally, there may be injuries that require ongoing medical attention and/or rehabilitation, such as:

nerve damage
tissue damage/loss

If scarring is prevalent enough, or a disfigurement severe enough, years of plastic or re- constructive surgery may be required.

If you are a dog owner in Idaho, you must do whatever is deemed necessary to protect yourself against a lawsuit. Protection may mean putting up a sign that warns others that your dog may bite. If someone tries to tease the dog and gets bitten, the individual may be partially negligent for any dog bite occurrence.

There is a dangerous dog statute law in the State of Idaho that states that the owner is liable as it pertains to injury to such person by their dog. Any violation of the dangerous dog statute is a civil liability and fine of up to $100.

If you have been bitten by a dog, or are the parent of a child who has been bitten by a dog, and you feel you may have a case under current Idaho dog bite law, consult with an Idaho dog bite lawyer to help in handling all the procedures of the case.


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