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Dogs are capable of being, as commonly noted, man's best friend. However, it is also important to remember that they can be a serious enemy. Dog bites and attacks effect nearly 5 million Americans each year, with deaths occurring, on average, 100 times a year. Many bites and attacks lead to hospital visits. And with hospital stays come costly bills. Under Iowa law, victims of attacks can seek rightful compensation for bills, pain and suffering, and work loss. Establishing negligence on behalf of the owner and innocence on behalf of the victim can be a tough task, though. This is where retaining the skills of an Iowa personal injury attorney experienced with animal bite cases can help out in many ways. First, they will be able to use the information related to your case in an attempt to file a formidable claim.

If you have been attacked or bitten by an animal, seek medical help immediately. If you sustain significant injuries that result in medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, your next call should be to an Iowa dog and animal bite lawyer.

To succeed in an animal attack case, it is necessary to prove that the animal causing the injury was owned and kept by the defendant. In the past it had to be proven that the owner was aware of any 'dangerous potential' of their animal. Under current law, if it can be proven that the owner was somehow negligent for example, by not properly restraining the animal or abiding by leash laws they can be held liable for damage caused by their animal.

In the case of exotic animals that are generally found in the wild, the liability increases. That is to say, no matter what leashes are being used, or whether or not the animal had a prior history of violence, the owner is liable to pay compensation to the victims of any bites or attacks. Wild animals are generally believed to have a natural tendency to function according to their primitive mannerisms, no matter how well trained or domesticated they may seem, and that is why owners of these animals are strictly liable.

In some states it is not always necessary for the animal to have actually bitten or attacked the victim in order for the victim to receive restitution. If an individual breaks their ankle in an attempt to get away from an aggressive animal, then they may be able to sue the owner of the dog if they can prove that the animal's actions caused the injury.

A dog and animal bite lawyer will be well-versed in Iowa dog bite laws, and they will have the knowledge needed to argue your dog bite case in order to recover the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to under Iowa law. Keep in mind that Iowa is a strict liability state, with a law that applies to injuries inflicted upon people and domestic animals.

It's highly recommended that you do your best to locate a lawyer who specializes in Iowa dog and animal bite law; however, personal injury lawyers who handle other areas of law can also be helpful. Keep in mind that successful dog bite and personal injury lawyers should have years of experience and hundreds of successful dog bite cases to their credit.
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