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With nearly 5 million animal attacks reported in the United States annually, it should come as no surprise that hospitals around the country collectively report somewhere around 1,000 emergency visits due to dog bites every day. Many dogs are prone to attacking because of abuse or negligence. Others may attack without real cause. Either way, if an owner was not following leash laws, or was just acting in general negligence, then the victim of a dog bite is entitled to compensation under Kansas law.

Dogs are naturally predatory animals, and even when unprovoked, they are capable of inflicting severe physical damage on their victims. While some dogs are inherently more aggressive than others, even the most well-behaved dogs are capable of attacking without warning.

Although every age group can be attacked by a dog, it is an unfortunate truth that it is America's youth that is most susceptible to a dog bite or attack. A child's inquisitive nature leads to this, and combined with the fact that children are often unable to fend off attacks, dangerous situations are possible whenever a dog is around a child.

Some signs of an irritated dog, or a dog that is readying to attack are:
shown teeth
pressed-back ears
stiffened tails
raised hair on back of neck

If you have been attacked or bitten by an animal, seek medical attention immediately following the happening. If you sustain significant injuries that result in medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, enlisting the services of a Kansas attorney experienced in such cases can be greatly beneficial.

A dog and animal bite lawyer will be well-versed in Kansas dog bite laws, and they will have the knowledge needed to argue your dog bite case in order to recover the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to under Kansas law.

Part of building a formidable case in Kansas is preserving any evidence of the attack that can assist in building your claim. This should be done even if you think the injuries sustained are relatively minor, because whether you realize it or not, medical problems related to a dog bite can surface later on in life. In fact, many victims of dog bites do not initially document the incident to the highest degree possible, only to find out months later that the bite harbored a serious infection that needs immediate, costly medical attention. Without properly identifying the situations surrounding the attack whether the dog was on or off a leash, any precautionary signs posted, where and who the owners were, and more your case becomes severely weakened. However, with all pertinent information documented, a viable case can be claimed and won. Witness testimony to an attack is also important, so make sure that if anyone was around when the attack occurred, you get their information.

There are many defenses that an animal owner will use if they are being sued by someone who has been bitten by their pet. Dog and animal bite lawyers know these defenses, and can effectively dismiss them should they appear in court. Some of these defenses include testimonies detailing that their animal was properly restrained, and the person who was bitten ignored the restraints, or that adequate warning was posted near the incident. Worst of all is the defense claiming that the victim intentionally provoked the animal, ignored the signs, or entered a property without permission. If these circumstances do not match your case, anger quickly ensues, and having a qualified Kansas attorney by your side may be your only chance at obtaining compensation.


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