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With millions of dogs neglected and abused throughout the U.S., it should come as no surprise that many dogs are prone to attacking innocent people. Dogs are naturally predatory animals, and are capable of inflicting severe physical damage and death on individuals. Some breed of dogs are inherently more aggressive than others, but even the most well-behaved dog are capable of attacking without warning. With the emergence of dangerous fighting dogs bred for blood sport, the consequences of animal attacks range from bites to infection, dismemberment, and death. With that in mind, it is easy to see why the general public should not dismiss a dog bite as a normal part of man-and-animal interaction. The safety concerns surrounding dog and animal bites and attacks are plentiful, and contacting a qualified Maine attorney specialized in pet bite cases should be done whenever negligence on behalf of a pet owner led to an attack or bite.

There are nearly 5 million pet attacks in America each year, with the ramifications ranging from the miniscule to the severe. When an animal is provoked, attacks are often not brought up in court; however, when an animal attacks due to owner negligence, the owner is liable to pay for any damages resulting from the occurrence. Medical bills related to dog bites can get very costly, and an innocent person should not have to incur the costs when they were not provoking the animal. The owners, however, will have some defense theories ready, and it is up to the victim to combat them with an effective pet bite lawyer.

Children are at a higher risk for dog bites because they are naturally inquisitive and may not be aware of the dangers of approaching a strange dog. A child's playful behavior may also inadvertently provoke and irritate a dog and cause it to attack, and because a child may not be aware of the warning signs of an impending attack, they will not be able to prevent them from happening. Being smaller in stature also makes them more susceptible to severe damage, and less able to fight off a dog attack.

Some signs of an irritated dog, or a dog that is readying to attack are:
bared teeth
laid back ears
stiff tail
raised hair on back of neck

The state of Maine is a strict liability state that has rejected the outdated one-bite rule adopted by a handful of other states. A dog and animal bite lawyer will be well-versed in this and other Maine dog-bite statutes and laws. They will have the knowledge needed to argue your dog bite case in order to recover the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to under Maine law.

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A Maine dog bite lawyer can be retained to help in handling all the procedures of the case in order to get the most monetary damages, or to see if the case warrants filing or not.


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