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Around 5 million personally owned animals attack innocent citizens each year in the U.S. The ramifications of such attacks range from minor bites and scratches to serious infections and injuries, including death, permanent pain, and dismemberment. And although death occurs in less than 100 of the dog bites reported annually, injuries requiring hospitalization are all too common, especially among Massachusetts's youth. In fact, dog bites are the second most frequent cause for emergency room visits among small children, second to only automobile collisions.

If you've done everything in your power to prevent an animal attack, and you become the victim of a bite or attack anyway, then it is crucial for you to do two things: Seek medical attention immediately, and then consult with a qualified Massachusetts dog bite attorney, as he or she can help you seek compensation for medical costs, injury or suffering, and loss of work. Massachusetts attorneys experienced in animal attack cases know how to dismiss defense of the dog owner, and can take the necessary steps in seeking pain endured.

The amount of serious dog bite injuries in Massachusetts has increased with the popularity of more aggressive dog breeds, like pit bulls or rottweilers, to name but a few. Another reason Massachusetts residents are seeing an increase in dog bites may have something to do with the blood sport known as dog fighting, where dogs, from a very young age, are bred to become violent animals, hell-bent on killing other dogs in a fight to the death. The dogs are not the only victims, however. Should a dog lose and not be killed on-location, they are often dumped into the streets, where their inherit violence can strike against any innocent civilian. Furthermore, if not properly monitored, many of these dogs will escape from the grim living conditions they've found themselves in.

Massachusetts is no stranger to dog fighting. In a recent dog-fighting bust, the Boston Police Department broke up a ring based out of Dorchester. The ring was made up of many dangerous dogs, a fighting pit, small cages, probing sticks, and bite sticks. If the Animal Rescue League of Boston did not remove the dogs from the scene, there is a good chance the dogs would have been killed or, even worse, freed to roam around the city.

Although the two aforementioned breeds are traditionally known to be dangerous, it is important to remember that any dog has the potential to attack. Certain breeds are considered to be more dangerous because the injuries sustained from them can be more severe, given their size and strength. However, under negligent care, any breed of dog can be dangerous. Under Massachusetts law, the owner of dangerous dogs are held fully responsible when attacks occur, unless the person injured was trespassing or provoking the animal. If the person attacked was under the age of 7, regardless of the reason for the attack, the owner is held responsible.

Figuring out whether an owner was aware of an animal's dangerous potential can prove to be difficult. This is where the services of a qualified Massachusetts bog bite lawyer can help in proving negligence on behalf of the dog owner. Such attorneys are able to decipher the many laws related to dog bites in Massachusetts, and they have the expertise to apply the laws to your case. Doing so can help you recover the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to under Massachusetts law.

Finding a qualified Massachusetts lawyer is your first step in obtaining compensation. Make sure when searching for an attorney, that you ask about their expertise with dog bite cases, and inquire about the amount of similar cases they've handled.


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