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Roughly 5 million personally owned animals attack innocent citizens each year in the U.S. The ramifications of such attacks range from minor bites and scratches to serious infections and injuries, including death. And although death occurs in less than 100 of the dog bites reported annually, injuries requiring hospitalization are all too common, especially among children. In fact, dog bites are the second most frequent cause for emergence room visits among small children, second to only automobile accidents.

If you've done everything in your power to avoid an animal attack, and you become the victim of a bite or attack anyway, then it is crucial for you to do two things: Seek medical help immediately, and then consult with a qualified Minnesota dog bite attorney, as he or she can help you seek compensation for medical costs, injury or suffering, and loss of work. Minnesota attorneys experienced in animal attack cases know how to dismiss defense of the dog owner, and can take the necessary steps in seeking pain endured.

Minnesota is a one-bite state. Considered outdated and unfair, the one-bite rule makes it difficult for the victims of animal attacks and dog bites to fight and win their cases, especially when acting alone, without the counsel of a Minnesota attorney. Minnesota's one-bite rule states that an owner is not held liable for a dog attack if the animal has never attacked before, or if the animal was provoked. The owner will be held liable, though, if the animal has an aggressive history, has been a part of an attack before, is a dangerous breed, or loose from its property.

A dog and animal bite lawyer will be well-versed in Minnesota dog bite laws, and they will have the knowledge needed to argue a dog bite case on your behalf. Enlisting their services can mean recovering the maximum amount of damages allowed under Minnesota law.

If you feel you were a victim of a dog bite due to someone's negligence, you should consult with an attorney and provide them the answers to the following questions:

Was the dog on a leash or harness at the time of the attack?
Did the incident occur on the owner's property, or was the dog roaming freely?
Were any warning signs stating a dangerous dog was on premise posted?
Was the dog running at large, or did it just slip away from the owner's property momentarily?

Such information is pertinent to your case, so documenting the incident immediately following the bite is critical to a victorious case. Furthermore, if witnesses other than the owner were present, you'll want to get their side of the story, as well as their contact information. Testimony witness plays a key part in any court case, dog bite cases included.

It is recommended that you find a lawyer who specializes in dog and animal bite law; however, personal injury lawyers who handle other fields of practice can be helpful as well. If you find a personal injury lawyer with several specialties, it is quite important to inquire about the number of dog or animal bite cases they have handled, and how long they have been practicing law. Successful Minnesota lawyers will have hundreds of successful dog-bite cases to their credit.

To find an experienced personal injury or dog and animal bite lawyer, visit the American Bar Association Website to gain access to thousands of dog and animal bite lawyers in your area of Minnesota.


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