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There are nearly 5 million animal attacks involving dogs each year in America, with injuries ranging from minor bites and scratches to, in some cases, gruesome fatalities. While death occurs in less than 100 of the reported dog bites or attacks that occur throughout the country annually, dog bites that require hospitalization are very common. Keep in mind that a dog bite is the second most frequent cause for emergency room visits among small children.

While pit bulls and rottweilers are listed as the top two types of dogs most likely to attack, it is important to note that the owners are, in many cases, responsible for training the animal to be aggressive. Fortunately, in the state of Nevada, it is illegal for a person to own a dog that is considered dangerous or vicious, period.

Negligence on the part of the owner, can lead to serious injury or death. Improper or aggressive training, animal abuse, violations of local leash laws, and failing to properly restrain a potentially dangerous animal, can all be examples of negligence on the part of a dog owner.

Proving whether an owner was aware of an animal's potential to act dangerously can prove to be difficult. The question that is most asked is whether the owner knew of the potential of the specific animal or any tendencies of the species itself. Most courts in Nevada believe that a dog owner is responsible for both the general and potential for their own animals to cause harm. Even if an owner of a dangerous breed of dog has never seen their pet act violently, they may still be held liable because the tendency of that particular type of animal is known to be dangerous. Such knowledge is called constructive notice.

To avoid an animal attack, it is important to look out for tell-tale signs such as chains around the animals neck, foaming at the mouth, an unkempt appearance, aggressive behavior, and growling. If you are bitten, however, make sure you see a dog bite lawyer who has experience dealing with cases in Nevada. Because of nuances in the law, you'll want someone with a track record of success representing you. An important factor to keep in mind is that Nevada has a statute of limitations of two years for dog bite incidents. A dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney will be well-versed in this and other Nevada dog-bite laws and statutes, in order to argue your case successfully and help you recover the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to under Nevada law.

It is highly recommended that you do your best to find a lawyer or attorney that specializes in Nevada dog and animal bite law. However, personal injury and accident attorneys that handle other areas can be helpful as well. Keep in mind that successful dog and animal bite lawyers will have years of experience and hundreds of successful dog-bite cases to their credit.

To find an experienced personal injury or dog and animal bite lawyer, visit the American Bar Association's website. They can recommend the right lawyer for you.


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