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We pass them every day, on our way to work, at the park, or in our neighborhood: millions of pet owners out walking their dogs, playing fetch, and enjoying the company of man's best friend. And while most of these interactions occur on a daily basis with no problems, the prospect of a dog bite is one to be concerned about.

With nearly five million animal attacks each year, hospitals throughout the country see over a thousand patients every day for dog bites. The injuries range from minor bites and scratches to vicious attacks that could result in death. And while death occurs in less than 100 of those dog bites, hospitalization to treat injuries is all too common. According to studies, 20 percent of dogs who are involved in biting incidents have not been neutered, and most involve an unrestrained dog on their owner's property. Men in general are most likely to be injured from a pet bite than women, who, along with the elderly, are more likely to be bitten by cats. Thirty percent of the dogs that attack a person are pit bulls.

The short-term effects of a dog bite are fairly obvious: immense physical pain, and traumatic effects that can linger, but generally go away over time. However, wounds can become infected, complicating recovery and keeping your life from returning to normal.

If you are involved in a dog bite incident, your first step is to immediately seek medical treatment. Next, however, you should consider your options. Dog bites can lead to long hospital stays, high medical costs, lost wages from time you didn't plan to take off from work, and other expenses that you may have incurred in dealing with the situation. You may be eligible for compensation. Talk to a New Hampshire dog lawyer to find out what your rights are.

There are different defenses that an animal owner will use if they are being sued by one who has been bitten by their pet. Dog and animal bite lawyers know them and how to address them if they come up. Some of these defenses are that their animal was properly restrained and the person who was bit ignored the restraints, adequate warning, provoking the animal and ignoring signs that are posted about the animal.

In recent New Hampshire dog bite news, a Rottweiler bit a seven year old on the face the same day he was brought home and adopted by a family. The attack was unprovoked and unexpected, and the girl ended up needing 22 stitches to close the cuts on her face, lips, and the inside of her mouth. The family has been trying to get the dog to be put down, but the Humane Society has refused to do so, saying he acted out of character and the family is responsible for not giving the dog time to assimilate himself to his new surroundings.

Fortunately, New Hampshire is a strict liability state, so the dog-bite laws favor the victim. However, you should not attempt to present your case on your own. A dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney will know the ins and outs of New Hampshire dog-bite laws and statutes, and they will know exactly how to argue your dog-bite case in order to recover the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to under New Hampshire law.

It's highly recommended that you do your best to find a lawyer or attorney that specializes in New Hampshire dog and animal bite law. Personal injury and accident lawyers that handle other areas can be helpful as well. Keep in mind that successful dog-bite and personal injury lawyers and attorneys will have years of experience and hundreds of successful dog-bite cases to their credit.


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