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Dog bite lawsuits are at an all-time high in America today, with around 1,000 people being but by a dog every day. Outdated dog bite laws, which can have a negative effect on dog bite victims and the animals don't help. In North Carolina, you can seek compensation for an injury from a dog bite.

There are nearly 5 million animal attacks involving dogs yearly in America, ranging from minor bites and scratches to vicious attacks that could result in death. While death occurs in less than 100 of the reported dog bites or attacks that occur across America annually, dog bites that require hospitalization are common.

Not only are dog and animal bites traumatic and painful, but they can also put you at risk for different bacterial infections. One such infection from bites, a bacteria strain called MRSA, has become known as a superbug, resistant to antibiotics. Other serious infections can occur from a bite, and though the wound may not look serious, bacteria can be planted deep into joint and tendon spaces.

In the event of an attack, seek medical help immediately. If you sustain significant injuries that result in high medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, you may be entitled to compensation. Consult with a North Carolina dog bite attorney to see if your case has merit.

Recently in North Carolina, a 4 year old boy was brutally attacked by a lab-pit mix which had to be ripped away from him. The boy was standing at his grandmothers feet when the dog bit into his arm, and had to be tranquilized and then euthanized after the boy's father tore it away. The boy was treated at a hospital and released. The boy's parents believe their family dog was in heat and was acting off of hormonal impulses, which is why it was so aggressive.

A personal injury attorney or lawyer must be well-versed in North Carolina dog-bite laws and statutes in order to argue your dog-bite case successfully, and recover the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to under North Carolina law.

There are specific defenses that an animal owner will use if they are being sued by one who has been bitten by their pet. Dog and animal bite lawyers know them and how to address them if they come up. Some of these defenses rely on the fact that the animal was properly restrained and the victim ignored the restraints and adequate warnings, provoking the animal.

Keep in mind that in every state, a victim can recover compensation from a person whose negligence caused the attack, violated a leash law, or kept a dog with the knowledge that the dog had a history of injuring people.
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