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Some people treat their pets just as they would treat their children, with love, care and respect. Others are cruel and abusive to animals, something that happens more often than people realize. While it may seem that the latter situation would lead to more violent animals, any sizable household animal, dogs especially, can be violent and cause harm. When owners are negligent of their pets' actions and fail to contain them properly, they are essentially putting everyone around them at risk.

In Oregon, a man was walking his small dog around his neighborhood when two pit bulls attacked them. The man's dog was killed, and the owner was badly injured. Neighbors managed to stop the attack and capture one of the dogs, and the other dog was later found at home with its owner. The owner, now faces an $1,000 fine and criminal charges because she failed to properly contain her pets with a fence or leash.

Injuries sustained from animal attacks often have lasting impact, both physically and emotionally. For young children, who are often the victims of such attacks, they may be afraid of animals for the rest of their lives. Injuries may leave lasting scars or even disfigure the victim. Many times, people don't realize how serious their injuries are and fail to seek medical treatment. This can lead to bacterial infections, such as a staph infection, or serious injuries going untreated, such as torn ligaments or tendons. If one goes too long without help, they could be permanently injured. Nearly 5 million animal and dog bite attacks are reported each year in the United States, with almost half a million of those severe enough to warrant medical attention. While death occurs in less than 100 of reported incidents, dog bites and other attack injuries requiring hospitalization are all too common.

Oregon is a one-bite state, which means the dog and the owner essentially have a free pass when it comes to dog bites. If a dog attacks someone for the first time, the owner cannot be charged because he or she did not have knowledge of the animal's violent behavior. If in fact he or she did have knowledge of violent behavior and failed to do anything about it, then they could be charged. Many people feel that this law is outdated and does not give victims a fair chance, and activists in Oregon are trying to repeal it.

If you or a family member find yourself the victim of an animal bite or attack, seek medical help immediately. If you sustain significant injuries that result in medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, you may have the option to hire an Oregon dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney, especially if you are planning to fight the one-bite law.

When you are ready to seek counsel, make sure the lawyer or attorney specializes in dog and animal bite law. Personal injury lawyers and accident attorneys who handle similar cases can be helpful as well. To find an experienced dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney, or a personal injury lawyer or attorney, visit the American Bar Association website. Access the ABA lawyer locator to gain access to a certified list of Oregon lawyer and attorney profiles and histories.


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