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If you read or watch the news, chances are you've seen or heard many stories of vicious animal attacks happening across the United States. These attacks are usually not from wild animals, but household pets who become vicious and harm anyone in their path. Unfortunately, dog and animal attacks are becoming all too common, and innocent victims are being injured because of it. Victims of such attacks can file a lawsuit against the responsible owners to seek compensation and damages related to the attack with the help of a South Carolina dog and animal bite lawyer/attorney.

When a dog or other large animal is provoked to attack, the results are almost always serious. Although the provocation may have been unintentional, there is no way to predict how the animal will act. There are a reported 5 million dog and animal bite attacks each year, with about 360,000 of these attacks resulting in injuries requiring emergency medical attention. That's about 1,000 each day. While these may not always show up in the news, it is something people should be educated about. Victims should keep in mind their legal rights to the situation.

If you have been attacked or bitten by an animal, seek medical help immediately. In order to carry on a lawsuit, it is imperative to compile evidence of the situation, including taking photos of the injuries, samples of any evidence (hairs, etc) and anything else you feel may be helpful to a case. If you sustain significant injuries that result in medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, you will have to hire a South Carolina dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney.

Physical injuries that can result from a dog or animal bite/attack can be permanent, causing significant scarring or disfigurement. Emotional trauma may also occur, especially in young children. Injuries and wounds are also at risk for different bacterial infections. One such infection is a type of staph infection called MRSA. It is resistant to antibiotics, making it hard to treat, and can be fatal if not treated properly. Other serious infections and diseases can occur from a bite, and though the wound may not look serious, bacteria can wedge itself deep into the wound. Recently in South Carolina, a woman was bit by a rabid dog and did not find out it was rabid until it was almost too late. This is why it is essential to get professional medical care following any type of animal attack.

There are specific defenses that an animal owner will use if they are being sued by an attack victim. Dog and animal bite lawyers know them and how to address these issues if they come up, and can use the evidence collected and witness testimony against them. Some of these defenses are that their animal was properly restrained and the person who was bit ignored the restraints, had adequate warning, provoked the animal and ignored signs that were posted about the animal.

Dog bite laws of South Carolina are on the victim's side. The laws make the owner of the animal (or anyone who was talking care of the animal at the time of the attack) liable. A dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney should know how to best carry on the case and use the other South Carolina dog-bite statutes and laws during the case.

It's highly recommended to locate a lawyer or attorney that specializes in South Carolina dog and animal bite law; however, personal injury lawyers, and accident lawyers and attorneys can be helpful as well. Keep in mind that successful dog-bite and personal injury lawyers and attorneys should have years of experience and a history of successful dog-bite cases to their name.


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