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The majority of dogs, cats and other household animals are friendly, well-kept and trained. For those that are not, owners tend to keep those dogs away from others, as they are most likely prone to attack and violence. Sometimes, owners neglect or abuse their animals, causing these animals to be more prone to violence.

There are a reported 5 million dog and animal bite attacks in the United States each year, with close to a million victims of these attacks requiring some sort of medical treatment as a result. As a result, dog and animal attack law is one of the fastest growing areas of law today. Victims of dog and animal bites and attacks now have the option to file a lawsuit against the owner of the animal to receive compensation and damages. In South Dakota, victims are advised to contact a local dog and animal bite lawyer as soon as possible.

Dog and animal bite injuries can be very minor and very severe. For those more serious injuries, victims should seek medical attention as soon as possible. One of the biggest risks following an attack is infection in the wound. One such infection is referred to as a superbug, a bacteria strain known as MRSA. It is resistant to antibiotics, making it difficult to treat. Other serious infections can occur from a bite, as well as permanent scarring, disfigurement, and emotional trauma. While death occurs in less than 100 of the reported dog or animal bites/attacks that occur in the United States annually, injuries that require hospitalization are common.

There are different defenses an animal owner will use if they are being sued by a victim of their animal. The key defense is the one-bite rule, which shields owners from a lawsuit if the attack was the animal's first. It is there to protect owners whose pets have no prior history of attack, and therefore the law feels they should not be held accountable. South Dakota is a one-bite state, which makes it hard for victims to win in court. Still, it can be done. Dog and animal bite lawyers know them and how to address this and other laws if they come up. Other defenses pet owners may use are that their animal was properly restrained and the person who was bit ignored the restraints, had adequate warning signs (the dog was growling or showing teeth), someone provoked the animal and ignored signs that were posted about the animal.

If you become the victim of an animal attack, seek medical help immediately. If you sustain significant injuries that result in medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, you will have to hire a South Dakota dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney.

When you are ready to seek counsel, make sure the lawyer or attorney specializes in dog and animal bite law. Personal injury lawyers, and accident attorneys that handle other areas can be helpful as well if a specialized lawyer cannot be found. In order to receive maximum compensation, be sure that your attorney has ample experience in handling claims for dog and animal bite accident damages, reaching settlements, and a solid history in the courtroom. Experience counts, and can save you additional frustrations during this difficult time.


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