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No matter how safe an animal seems, you can never predict the way they might act. Some attack breed dogs can be harmless, until they are provoked for some unknown reason. Often, dog and other animal attacks happen in a matter of seconds and without warning. People who have dogs and animals known to attack are advised to take extra precaution when taking dogs in public or leaving them on a leash. Still, many people neglect to take others' safety into consideration, and someone ends up a victim of an animal attack. For those who are victims of these horrible attacks, justice can be sought with the help of a Tennessee dog and animal bite attorney.

There are a reported 5 million dog and animal attacks each year, with injuries ranging from minor to very severe. Statistics show that across the United States, more than 1,000 dog bite cases are reported in emergency rooms daily. Dog and animal bites are the second most frequent cause for emergency room visits among small children. Although the rate of death is very small about 100 cases each year dog and animal bites are still serious injuries and should be treated as such.

If you have been attacked or bitten by an animal, seek medical help immediately. If you sustain significant injuries that result in medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, you have the option to press charges against the dog or animal owner for compensation related to the injury. In order to do so, you'll need to hire a local Tennessee dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney.

Tennessee is a strict liability state for some dog bites, and a one-bite state for others. This means that if the dog attacked for the first time, the owner cannot be held responsible because they had no prior knowledge of the animal's violence. A dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney will be well-versed in this complicated law and other Tennessee dog-bite statutes and laws. They will have the knowledge needed to argue your dog-bite case in order to recover the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to under Tennessee law.

Figuring out whether an owner was aware of an animals dangerous potential can be difficult to prove. The most frequently asked question is whether the owner knew of the potential for harm, or whether the owner only knew that the type of pet is potentially harmful. Most courts in Tennessee believe that a dog owner is responsible for both the general and possible potential for their own animals to cause harm. Even if an owner of a dangerous breed of dog had never seen their pet act violently, the owner may still be held liable because the tendency of that particular breed of animal is known to be dangerous; such knowledge is called constructive notice.

It is highly recommended that you do your best to locate a lawyer or attorney that specializes in Tennessee dog and animal bite law. However, personal injury lawyers and accident lawyers/attorneys that handle other areas can be helpful as well. Keep in mind that successful dog-bite and personal injury lawyers and attorneys should have years of experience and a solid history of successful dog-bite cases to their credit.

If a dog or other animal has bitten you, you may be qualified to receive compensation as a result of this attack. Determining your legal rights, however can be a daunting task. It may not be clear to you, whom to file a claim against and what type of damages you will be able to claim. To ensure that you receive the proper reward for your injury, you should consider contacting a qualified lawyer who has experience dealing with animal bite cases.


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