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There are nearly 5 million animal attacks yearly in the U.S., ranging from minor bites and scratches to vicious animal attacks that could easily result in death. While death occurs in less than 100 of the dog bites or attacks reported annually, those that require hospitalization are very common. In fact, a dog bite is the second most frequent cause for emergency room visits among small children.

Most often, children are the victims of dog bites and animal attacks. That's in part to the theory that children are more curious and not fully aware of the dangers of unfamiliar dogs. Additionally, children are not as capable to protect themselves from dogs or other dangerous animals. Many dog bites can lead to permanent injury, both physical and mental.

Dog and animal bites can lead to an influx of medical and treatment bills, many of which require ongoing medical attention and rehabilitation. A few examples include:
nerve damage
tissue damage/loss

If scarring is prevalent enough, or a disfigurement severe enough, it can lead to years of plastic or re- constructive surgery. The toll that such an attack can have on one's mental well-being can also lead to costly therapy sessions. With this in mind, it is easy to see how a dog or animal attack can lead to a batch of pricey medical bills, which is why it is important to seek compensation if pet-owner negligence played a part in an attack.

If you have done everything you can possibly do to avoid a vicious or agitated animal, and you still become the unfortunate victim of an animal bite or attack, seek medical help immediately. If you sustain significant injuries that result in medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, you should seek the representation of a Wisconsin attorney experienced in dealing with animal attack cases.

Part of building a formidable case is preserving any evidence of the attack that can assist in building your claim. This should be done even if you think the injuries sustained are relatively minor, because whether you realize it or not, medical maladies related to a dog bite can surface later on in life. In fact, many victims of dog bites do not initially document the incident to the highest degree, only to find out months later that the bite harbored a serious infection that needs immediate, costly medical attention. Without properly identifying the situations surrounding the attack whether the dog was on or off a leash, any precautionary signs posted, where and who the owners were, and more your case becomes weakened. However, with all pertinent information documented, a viable case can be claimed. Witness testimony to an attack is also important, so make sure that if anyone was around when the attack occurred, you get their information.

A dog and animal bite lawyer will be well-versed in Wisconsin dog bite laws, and they will have the knowledge needed to argue a case on your behalf. This can provide you with the maximum compensation allowable under Wisconsin law.

Not every personal injury attorney has extensive experience with dog bite cases, though. For this reason, it is important to research any potential lawyer's history with dog and animal bite cases, and pick one that has a proven track record of obtaining compensation for dog and animal bites. Doing so will allow you to make an informed decision on who you want handling your case.


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