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Animal neglect is at an all-time high in the U.S., and there exists an incalculable number of homeless animals roaming the streets today. This is not only a scary situation for the animals, but for the general public, too. There are numerous safety concerns for individuals who may find themselves in the path of a ready-to-pounce animal.

With nearly 5 million attacks involving dogs each year from minor bites and scratches to vicious attacks resulting in death it is no wonder hospitals around the country collectively report roughly 1,000 emergency visits per day due to dog-related attacks and bites. While death occurs in less than 100 of the dog bites reported annually, hospitalization stemming from bites is all too common.

Not only are dog and animal bites traumatic and painful in themselves, but they can also put you at risk for serious bacterial infections. One infection that is becoming commonly referred to as a superbug stems from dog bites spreading the bacteria strain known as MRSA. Particularly disturbing is the fact that the MRSA form of infection is resistant to antibiotics. In addition to MRSA, other serious infections can occur from a dog bite, and though the initial wound may not look overly serious, bacteria planted deep into joint and tendon spaces can cause medical dilemmas some time in the future.

According to studies, 20 percent of dogs who bite are non-neutered, and most involve an unrestrained dog on their owner's property. Also found is the fact that men under 20 years old are more likely to be injured from a pet bite.

If you have been affected by a dog or animal bite, your first step should be seeking medical help. Next, if it is determined that you have sustained serious injury requiring expensive medical attention from the bite, you should contact a Wyoming dog and animal bite lawyer. A qualified dog and animal bit lawyer can present your claim in a way that will result in compensation for injuries that occurred as a result of negligent pet owners.

Enlisting the services of a pet-bite attorney is crucial, because there are many different defenses an animal owner will use to plead their innocence in the case. Reinforcing the fact that you, not the animal, are the victim can be tricky, and going to court alone can result in unfavorable outcomes. A qualified animal bite attorney has the experience and know-how to show that the pet owner was at fault, either by not properly restraining their pet on their premises, or by leaving the pet unmonitored off-premise. A Wyoming dog and animal bite lawyer will be well-versed in this and other Wyoming dog-bite laws, which will provide you with the platform to recover the maximum amount of compensation allowable under Wyoming law.

When you are ready to seek counsel, make sure the attorney you are considering has specific expertise related to dog and animal bite law. Personal injury and accident attorneys can be helpful, but if they have little to no experience with animal bite cases, you may want to seek one who does. Make sure to ask questions, like how many similar cases they've handled, what the outcomes of the case were, and how long they have been doing business in the dog bite field. An experienced personal injury lawyer will have years of experience and hundreds of successful cases to their credit, animal bite cases included.

To find a lawyer experienced in cases dealing with dog and animal bites, visit the American Bar Associate Website to gain access to the lawyer locator, a tool that can provide you with the contact information of numerous Wyoming lawyers.


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