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As we approach the aging of baby-boomers and the need for more elder care, it is also necessary to have more legal professionals to hold accountable those in the business of caring for the elderly. Nevada's nursing home and elder abuse attorneys specialize in cases where a person or facility responsible for the care of these individuals is accused of neglecting duties, therefore resulting in the mental and/or physical suffering or death of an elderly person. These attorneys also use their legal expertise to prove many of the thousands of mental, physical, and/or financial abuse claims made by elderly people and their family members every year.

All nursing home or elder care facilities have an obligation to protect the rights of every single resident, and to provide an attractive, clean, and healthy environment. They are also obligated to treat residents equally, with no discrimination based on race, religion, color, nationality, ability or source of payment. Nursing home facilities are required by federal law to compose a Nursing Home Resident's Bill of Rights, which they are also required to make available to any resident upon request. The Bill of Rights outlines all policies of the specific nursing home, and each facility must require residents to sign a statement, indicating they have read and understood these rights, before admittance. Specific rights include the right to be informed about one's specific medical condition and treatment, the right to participate in planning one's care and medical treatment, the right to choose a physician, the right to manage personal finances, the right to privacy, dignity, and respect, the right to personal possessions, the right to be free from restraints and abuse in nursing homes, the right to voice grievance without retaliation, the right to be discharged or transferred only for medical reasons, and the rights of access.

The caseloads of such attorneys include claims that nursing home residents were insufficiently nourished, or that money was taken from an elderly person by a caretaker under false pretenses. Using the laws, statutes, regulations, and decisions made by the state of Nevada, its relevant agencies and the federal government, elder abuse and nursing home attorneys ensure that the violated rights of elderly people do not go ignored. These personal injury attorneys work to ensure that clients who claim negligence gain full access to their legal rights and have the best representation available to them within the bounds of the law. Furthermore, elder abuse and nursing home attorneys work to ensure that people or facilities who are obligated to provide professional care, but who fail to do so, are held accountable and pay the fair and full damages that result from their wrongdoings.

These attorneys are well acquainted with the hurdles put in place by insurance companies, medical and nursing facilities, and the attorneys defending these facilities. They are also knowledgeable of state laws regulating the nursing industry and other industries responsible for caring for the elderly, as well as the laws that regulate agencies monitoring these industries. Elder abuse and nursing home attorneys have developed special relationships with state agencies and law enforcement agencies that allow them access to information that is often difficult for individuals to obtain when they attempt to represent themselves.

By performing to the best of their ability, nursing home and elder abuse attorneys not only offer their clients the peace of mind of knowing that justice is served, they also contribute to the elder care industry as a whole. Since personal injury law is based mostly on decisions and precedent, each case won makes a fundamental difference.

If you are an elderly person who has experienced abuse or neglect within a nursing home or in any other location, or if your loved one has experience abuse or neglect, contact a qualified Nevada elder/nursing home attorney today. You may be eligible to bring suit against, and win restitution from, the professionals or company which was entrusted with your care.


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