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New Jersey nursing home and elder abuse attorneys are personal injury attorneys who seek appropriate damages when care providers violate the rights of elderly people. These attorneys use the laws, statutes, regulations, and decisions of the state of New Jersey and the federal government in their pursuit of justice. They specialize in cases where a nursing home, medical facility, one of their staff members or an in-home caregiver, is accused of neglecting their duties, resulting in the mental and/or physical suffering of an elderly person. New Jersey nursing home and elder abuse attorneys also use their legal expertise to prove mental, physical, and/or financial abuse claims made by elderly people and their family members.

Visible injuries are the type that will be noticed right away. Some examples include broken bones, bruises, cuts, scars, and bed sores. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to inquire about them, and to file a report if necessary, as soon as possible. Many nursing homes employ liaisons who can address your concerns, or administrators whose job it is to field questions about the care that residents receive.

Neglect injuries include insufficient food and water, insufficient bathing opportunities, failure to change the resident's undergarments in a timely manner, failure to supply personal hygiene products, and failure to assist in the basic functions for the resident. Another example of neglect is insufficient medical care, such as when medications are not properly administered or when injuries go untreated.

The primary responsibility of a nursing home or elder abuse attorney is to ensure that clients who claim negligence have full access to their legal rights through the best possible representation. Those clients may be the elderly person who has suffered mentally and/or physically from the negligent care of nursing home staff or in-home caregivers, an elderly person who has suffered mental, physical, or financial abuse of nursing home staff, or the survivors of an elderly person whose death was caused by the negligence or abuse of any person or facility obligated to providing a professional standard of care.

It is the goal of nursing home and elder abuse attorneys to prove claims that the negligent behavior of a person or facility resulted in preventable suffering and to therefore win the largest, most fair settlement to cover all damages, including as pain and suffering, burial expenses, and even damaged property such as broken eyeglasses or dentures.

As personal injury attorneys, these professionals are well acquainted with the hurdles put in place by insurance companies, medical and nursing facilities, and their defense attorneys. They are knowledgeable not only of state laws regulating the nursing industry and others involved in caring for the elderly, but also of those laws that regulate agencies that monitor these industries. Elder abuse and nursing home attorneys have developed special relationships with state agencies and law enforcement agencies that allow them access to information that is often difficult for individuals to obtain when they try to represent themselves.

All nursing home and elder abuse attorneys in this state are bound by the rules of the New Jersey State Bar Association. Such rules include requirements that attorneys attend continuing education classes. If you feel that you or your loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of a nursing home, nursing home staff member, or elder-care provider, it's in your best interest to contact a qualified elder/nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible.


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