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Asbestos is the leading cause of mesothelioma cancer. Approximately 80 percent of the cases are caused by asbestos exposure in the work place. Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer that lies latent for decades before signs of the disease become apparent. The latency period leaves many patients in the final stages of cancer when diagnoses occurs. Therefore leaving the average patient a year to live. During this difficult time of illness, it is essential to contact an asbestos lawyer to learn about the monies you may be entitled to.

You or a loved one are most likely in the middle of treatments, therapies, and trips to the doctors. However, that does not mean that someone isn't accountable for your pain and suffering. Lawsuits have occurred in rapid succession in the United States and with over 600,000 filers it has become the biggest tort in the history of the country. Asbestos litigation typically falls under this tort category. Typically this litigation includes an employee that was exposed to either large amount, or over a long period of time, of asbestos, during his/her employment. The targets of many of these lawsuits are past employers, asbestos manufacturers, asbestos installers, landlords, and leasing agents. These parties are those that are considered responsible for the asbestos exposure. Plaintiffs may include the victim of the exposure, or even their family or loved ones.

Compensation is typically the goal of any lawsuit, although there are some moral considerations typically factored in. Potential financial recoveries include reimbursement for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Occasionally, punitive damages, those designed to punish the defendants, are awarded to the plaintiff. There are even a few states that allow plaintiffs to sue for asbestos exposure that will most likely lead to an asbestos-related disease. Lawsuits in general, have brought about a lot of knowledge and attention to the dangers of asbestos. Therefore, the amount of lawsuits are increasing as more publicity arises, and as more people recognize the symptoms that have been latent for so long.

It is historically known that the asbestos manufacturers knew long before the medical profession, of the dangers associated with asbestos. They tried very hard to hide this information, and were successful for nearly 40 years. In 1977, a lawyer representing a client with asbestosis discovered correspondence agreeing to withhold information from the public from an asbestos manufacturer to a distributor. This blatant negligence for the well-being of employees is unforgivable. This revelation has brought on an onset of asbestos litigation.

Since asbestos lawsuits are becoming more prevalent, many companies involved with asbestos exposure have filed bankruptcy in recent years. Hence any legal action against the company is suspended pending a decision by the Bankruptcy court, which must approve a plan of reorganization. Part of the plan may include a trust that can pay all valid asbestos personal injury claims approved by the bankruptcy court. Overall, this process may take months, or even years to settle.

An experienced lawyer can expedite the process so that companies do not use this as a tactic to deter lawsuits and avoid accountability. It is essential that you contact an attorney immediately to discuss you case. Allow your lawyer to fight for your rights, while you focus on becoming healthy. The financial future of your family may depend on the compensation that you are entitled to. Locally, you can find tort lawyers that have winning experience in fighting for their clients. They can act as an advocate for you and your family against the companies that put your life in danger.


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