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Mesothelioma is the cancer of the mesothelium the thin lining that covers most of the body's organs and that surrounds its cavities. The cancer is very difficult to diagnose, as it mimics other, more common cancers in its early stages. By the time it is diagnosed, it is usually in its very late stages, when it is not responsive to treatments. Patients who are diagnosed with the disease are therefore usually given a very poor prognosis and expected survival time.

The disease is almost always caused by asbestos exposure. Asbestos is made up of tiny fibers that can easily be breathed in. They lodge themselves in and around the lungs, where the immune system has a very difficult time destroying them. There, they can damage sensitive lung tissue or mutate the healthy cells of the mesothelium into cancerous ones. The fibers can stay lodged there for a lifetime, accumulating damage until mesothelioma sets in.

There are some industries in Colorado where occupational exposure to asbestos has been reported. One of the biggest industries where asbestos exposure is a problem for workers is the chemical industry. There are a number of chemical plants within the state and the manufacturing of various chemicals and industrial products contributes a large percentage to the overall gross state product of Colorado. Chemicals are sometimes manufactured at high temperatures. Since asbestos is one of the best insulators, it is likely to be used frequently to protect workers from high heats in chemical plants.

In addition to normal occupational exposure, Colorado has sources of naturally occurring asbestos. If workers mining other minerals accidentally come across asbestos deposits, they can expose themselves to its harmful fibers. Additionally, construction projects that involve digging foundations or laying out roads can kick up asbestos that is in the topsoil into the air. Once it is airborne, the mineral can harm the health of everyone in the vicinity.

Vermiculite mines pose a special threat. There have been many cases of vermiculite mines being heavily contaminated , including a mine in Virginia, and the now-famous case of the country's first vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana. Vermiculite is a mineral that has many similar properties to asbestos it is an excellent insulator. The mineral itself isn't harmful at all, but since the geological processes that form it are very similar to those that formed asbestos, the two are often found together. Vermiculite miners should ensure that they are not accidentally exposing themselves to harmful asbestos fibers.

If you have contracted mesothelioma, you were most likely exposed to asbestos during some part of your life, and you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A qualified attorney will help you determine whether your asbestos exposure occurred as a result of the negligence of an employer or contractor. If the exposure could have been prevented by one of your superiors, they may be at fault for your disease and you may be entitled to compensation.

Mesothelioma is a serious illness and progresses very quickly to be a fatal condition. The cost of treatments is expensive, and the more advanced the treatment, the greater the cost to the patient. Furthermore, many insurance companies do not provide adequate coverage for the medical costs of mesothelioma treatments.

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, contact a mesothelioma lawyer who has the experience needed to get you compensation for your medical expenses. The more time you give your lawyer to prepare your lawsuit, the better chance you give your lawyer of fully planning out your case. Lawyers that have more flexibility are ultimately able to secure their clients better results.


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