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The greatest contributors to the outbreaks of mesothelioma cases in the state of Louisiana are shipyards and ship repair industries established in the late 1930s. Some of these establishments built entire ships from the ground up, and at the time, many were unaware of the adverse side effects of long-term exposure to asbestos. It was used in vast amounts during the construction of these vessels, usually for insulation purposes. Asbestos is flame retardant, making it an ideal material for insulation around pipes and electrical cords. While the military benefited from the state's contributions, none could predict the devastating consequences of prolonged exposure to asbestos. The industry continued to use the substances for many years.

The number of mesothelioma cases has increased in recent years. Between the years 1979 and 1999, 697 deaths related to asbestos exposure were reported. Of these, 340 were due to mesothelioma, a rare, but aggressive cancer that attacks healthy cells of the mesothelium, a thin membrane that surrounds the lungs and other internal organs and body cavities. Mesothelioma differs from other lung cancers because damaging cells are not found inside the organs, but in tissue layers that surround the organs. The mesothelium serves as protection for these vital organs. Sixty-five to 70 percent of cancer cells initiate in the lungs, while 30 percent have been diagnosed in the abdomen. It is rare for patients diagnosed with this condition to live longer than two years.

You may not necessarily notice the condition at first, as mesothelioma is rarely detected until years into its development. Symptoms do not usually present themselves until the disease has manifested into its final stages. Symptoms may include abnormal coughing that does not go away, bouts of infections, pain in the the chest, pain in the abdomen, and weight loss. The mesothelium tissues may also become swollen, making it difficult to breathe. Luckily, advanced treatments have been created to detect the condition earlier. A thoracoscopy may be necessary to examine the infected area for asbestos fibers and malignant tumors. Microscopic examinations are needed to examine the tissues. Scientists are also beginning to use blood tests to examine cancerous cells. They have discovered markers on the cells, which make them more visible and easier to detect early on. Even with these measures, though, there is no cure. Instead, treatments may add years to your life and help you find relief from the symptoms. There is little doctors can do to destroy the cancer cells, and until recently, doctors could not even offer most treatments.

In the United States alone, nearly $70 billion have been paid by business owners to settle personal injury claims related to asbestos in the workplace. Advocates of the Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act, intended to support business owners, have made it more difficult to file claims without an experienced and reputable attorney to fight for your cause. Guidelines state that mesothelioma must be debilitating to you physically, preventing you from participating in normal, everyday activities. Moreover, courts are urging that claims must be supplemented with proof that the development of mesothelioma is directly linked to the specific businesses in question. Lawyers must convince courts that the onset of the disease was the result of negligent behaviors and that business owners must be held accountable for these actions.

There are many attorneys in Louisiana that are willing to pursue your claim. However, it is critical that you do your research before contacting an attorney. Locate an individual with years of experience in the field and one confident in his abilities to reach a timely settlement. You may benefit from researching caseload history and reputation of a specific firm. Once you find an attorney who is right for you, they should be willing to consult with you, free of charge. In order to expedite the process, gather relevant documents ahead of time so that your lawyer can decide right away whether they can support the case. With clear evidence, it is very likely to build a plausible case, but the process takes patience. In the end, your hard work and dedication are likely to pay off when you are awarded compensation for your injuries.


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