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Maryland is renowned for its ship building industries. Because of shipyard industries such as these, the U.S. Navy is equipped with fabricated products and receives the best equipment in the world. But while shipyards are necessary for the defense of the United States, industries like these have harmed those who worked at those shipyards, exposing them to asbestos, a major cause of mesothelioma cancer. Products made at these facilities were comprised of large amounts of asbestos fibers, which contributed to the diagnosis of thousands of people.

Other workers at risk for this disease include vinyl installers, contractors, construction workers, factory workers, machinists, pipe installers, automobile workers, and dozens more. As hazardous fibers are breathed in or ingested by unsuspecting employees, they burrow deep into the mesothelium tissues, membranes which protect the internal organs. Approximately 65 to 70 percent of patients develop mesothelioma in the lungs, but cancer cells can also grow uncontrollably in the abdomen and other areas of the body. Around 30 percent of patients suffer from mesothelioma cancer that has targeted the cavities of the abdomen. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for mesothelioma, although treatments may provide some relief from the symptoms. Common symptoms include coughing, bouts of infections, pain in the infected areas, difficulties breathing and swallowing, and weight loss. Most of the time, the disease is not diagnosed until decades after initial exposure to asbestos fibers has occurred. In fact, 75 percent of individuals suffering from mesothelioma are over the age 65. Most have, on average, four to 24 months to live after this point.

Mesothelioma is commonly thought to be an occupational cancer. The disease normally occurs in people who come into contact with toxins daily, year after year. This normally happens at the workplace. Mesothelioma can easily be prevented if employers take into account safety regulations and enforce strict rules regarding protection from asbestos. The government has educated employers of the connections between asbestos and mesothelioma. Nevertheless, many continue to neglect these warnings, putting their employees at risk. Consequently, as the number of mesothelioma cases continues to rise, business owners are increasingly facing negligence charges.

From 1979 to 1999, there have been an estimated 1,086 asbestos-related deaths in the state of Maryland alone. Four hundred fifty three of these individuals suffered from mesothelioma. While this number is not one of the highest in the country, it is significant. Any death from mesothelioma, whether it was due to negligence or deliberate behaviors from employers, is important. Those suffering from the loss of loved ones are forced endure financial burdens as a result of workplace negligence. Similarly, they must face emotional distress for the rest of their lives. An attorney may not be able to provide you with solutions to all of these problems, but they will help you to secure your financial future.

There are many options available when filing a lawsuit, and your lawyer can discuss these with you at a consultation meeting. First, they are likely to examine evidence of your claim prior to taking on the case. Work history, personal statements from fellow employees, medical records, health care bills, and research of the place of employment need to be gathered and assessed. Once this has occurred, you are likely to be presented with two options. If sufficient evidence exists and similar claims have been filed regarding negligence in this establishment, an attorney may persuade you to pursue a class action lawsuit. You are more likely to win this type of case because other people, all with similar diagnoses, are there to validate your statements, serving as critical testimonials. In contrast, if no other cases have been filed against your employer, your attorney can pursue an individual claim. The amount of compensation you receive depends on the amount of evidence within your reach. The more you can prove that the carelessness of an employer contributed to your disease, the better the likelihood of achieving a higher settlement. Although monetary sums can never replace the loss of a loved one, you can guarantee the security of the rest of your family by filing a lawsuit against offending parties.


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