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According to recent statics, there were over 400 industries in the state of Massachusetts with known, dangerous concentrations of asbestos. Unfortunately, federal regulations have done little to improve the conditions of these facilities, since many employers neglected to protect workers from the substance. As a result, there were 1,372 deaths as a result of asbestos, 613 of them from mesothelioma, between 1979 and 1999. Middlesex County has posed the highest risks for citizens residing in this state. Traces of asbestos were contained within a variety of facilities in this area, from hotels to shipyards. All were potential hazards leading to this disease.

Mesothelioma is an incurable, aggressive form of cancer. Although symptoms usually remain undetected for decades, once they are revealed, the disease has progressed too far for treatment to work well. At this point, a victim has, on average, around 18 months to live. Once mesothelioma is diagnosed, there are few treatments available. Most of these treatments are given palliatively, intended to ease the pain of the patient, not to extend their life.

The disease is caused by exposure to asbestos, a highly toxic mineral that exists naturally in the environment and was used in building materials and household goods throughout the twentieth century. Materials containing the mineral are usually harmless, but when one is exposed daily to it in friable form that is, when it's breathable for long periods of time, asbestos can be life-threatening. Due to its oblong shape and flexibility, asbestos particles burrow deep into the mesothelium of the internal organs. Over time, the particles cause cancerous cells to grow uncontrollably, and mesothelioma is soon diagnosed.

If you have been diagnosed with this disease recently or have suffered from the loss of a loved one, a mesothelioma attorney may be able to provide you with some relief. Contact one of these individuals to set up a consultation meeting, at which point evidence is assessed and the attorney can determine if your claims are actionable. If an attorney is willing to take on your case, you have a few decisions to make. First, after discussing your options, your attorney may insist that you file a class action lawsuit, particularly if others like you are currently suffering from the same disease. If enough evidence can be gathered in a timely manner, it may be more beneficial to file this kind of lawsuit. Not only does it provide you with power in numbers, but it can also give you stability, as other victims of this cancer are brought to the surface and offer you their support during this trying time. It is also possible to be granted more compensation by choosing this route.

An attorney may, however, find it necessary to file an individual lawsuit. If this is the case, you may be faced with additional responsibilities. You need to gather all the documents relating to your disease that your attorney needs as evidence to support your case. These include medical bills and records, working documents, personal statements from other employees, scientific research on the facility, and any others of relevance. A lawsuit takes a great deal of dedication and work, but the results can make the fight well-worth it.

It is important to file your suit quickly, since most states enforce statute of limitations laws. These laws prohibit one from making a claim after a certain amount of time has lapsed. Although they were intended to prevent frivolous lawsuits, which would have otherwise skyrocketed out of control, they have also stood in the way of people who have legitimately faced negligence in the workplace. Also, your attorney needs to abide by new legislative reforms, which have also been put in place to reduce the number of mesothelioma lawsuits. In order to win your case, your lawyer must prove that your mesothelioma has directly caused physical impairments, preventing you from going about your normal, daily activities. Moreover, your attorney must also prove that your place of employment was directly responsible for the onset of this disease because of lack of safety equipment and other precautions.

Contacting a lawyer is a pivotal move and can put you one step closer to reaching a settlement. When your family's well-being is at stake and you need to provide for them financially, an attorney can offer you solutions.


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