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Asbestos is a term that most people have heard, but few people really know just how deadly it is. Many people know that it is harmful, but do not understand the extent of the harm. For almost a century, asbestos was considered an ideal building material, because it did not conduct heat, was very flexible, durable, and resistant to fire. It was used in hundreds of thousands of buildings and building materials, as well as in everyday consumer goods. Years later, it was discovered that exposure to asbestos led to a very rare and aggressive form of cancer known as mesothelioma.

When we inhale or ingest asbestos fibers through the nose or mouth, they are absorbed into different areas of the body rather than broken down, like most foreign materials are. The asbestos fibers stick to sensitive areas such as the linings of the lungs, abdomen, and even the heart. These fibers can cause scar tissue to develop on our organs and pockets of fluid to form in the linings of those organs and can eventually lead to a tumor. Mesothelioma does not manifest weeks or years after exposure; instead, it may not be until decades later that someone is told they have mesothelioma cancer. Most people who have developed this deadly disease don't find out they have developed it until they are 50, 60 or even 70 years old.

It has been estimated that 3,000 people are diagnosed with asbestos-related mesothelioma each year; that number is only expected to get much higher over the next few years. Millions of people were exposed to the harmful material, and many are still exposed to it each day without even knowing. It is a very hard kind of cancer to detect, as it does not have any external symptoms that may lead someone to suspect something is wrong. Often, mesothelioma presents as a chest cold or pneumonia, and can go untreated or unnoticed for a long period of time. If you suspect you may have mesothelioma, contact your doctor right away. He or she will run tests, such as testing blood samples, an MRI or CT scan, an X-ray, and a broncoscopy to see into your lungs.

Although mesothelioma is usually thought of as only one type of cancer, there are actually three types of mesothelioma:
Pleural mesothelioma, which is the most common form of mesothelioma. Pleural mesothelioma affects the lung tissues known as mesothelium and the tissues lining the chest cavity
Peritoneal mesothelioma, which affects the organs in the abdominal cavity. It is the second most common type of mesothelioma; approximately 10 to 20 percent of all mesothelioma cases are of this type.
Pericardial mesothelioma, which affects the tissues of the heart. It is the most rare type of mesothelioma cancer.

Asbestos has put tens of millions of people at risk of developing mesothelioma, and caused the deaths of thousands more after they developed the deadly cancer. Mesothelioma is a hard cancer to treat, because chemotherapy and radiation may not respond or fight the cancer well enough. Mesothelioma is a tough battle, and you might have grounds to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties for your condition. If you or a loved one has developed mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos materials at the workplace or because of a defective product, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced New Hampshire mesothelioma lawyer or attorney to help you begin your fight.

Your mesothelioma lawyer should advise you on your case and the claims you wish to make, and discuss your rights for compensation and damages. Your New Hampshire mesothelioma lawyer/attorney should also counsel you on what you can expect during the lawsuit and litigation processes. Pursuing legal action will not only help to enforce your legal rights, it will also punish those responsible for your cancer, and can eventually provide financial security for your family. Help yourself and your family by contacting a New Hampshire mesothelioma lawyer/attorney today.


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