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What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that typically develops in the lungs, but can also occur in the heart or abdomen, although these forms of mesothelioma are rarer. Mesothelioma develops when an individual breathes in or ingests large amounts of asbestos. Asbestos, which was once commonly used for insulation materials and other industrial purposes, is generally considered safe when it is inert, but as soon as it is disturbed or damaged in any way, it can release microscopic fibers into the air, where they become respirable. Asbestos fibers are long and flexible, and when they enter the lungs or other bodily cavities, they can remain there for long periods of time, as they lodge themselves into the tissues of the organs. Mesothelioma develops when these fibers lodge in the mesothelium, which is a protective sac surrounding the organs of the body.

Unfortunately, most individuals are not diagnosed with mesothelioma until decades after the initial exposure to asbestos. However, once symptoms are detected, a patient usually has only, on average, 18 months to live. Treatments do little to delay the disease once it has manifested itself.

Do I Have a Case?

You may be able to file a mesothelioma lawsuit if you have unknowingly been exposed to asbestos and have developed the cancer as a result. When determining if you have a case, you need to look back at previous work history. Once regarded as a miracle substances for its ability to withstand heat, asbestos was commonly used in shipping industries, steel mills, factories, construction sites, power plants, and dozens of other occupational sites. Since mesothelioma takes years to progress, more cases have been diagnosed in recent years. Federal regulations have enforced safety measures regarding mesothelioma prevention since the late 1970s. However, you may still be prone to the disease if you worked at an at-risk site before 1980. Moreover, you can even develop the cancer if you live in an old house. Roof shingles, pluming materials, and paint have been known to contain traces of asbestos if built before 1980. While mesothelioma is typically regarded as an occupational cancer, since victims have to be exposed to the mineral over long periods of time, you may still be at risk if you live in one of these facilities.

Mesothelioma in Oregon

The 2000 census revealed shocking statistics in terms of mesothelioma cases in the state of Oregon. Between the years 1979 to 1999, 431 people died as a result of asbestos exposure. Although this number may seem insignificant due to the millions of people residing in the state, these statistics are important, especially since more cases are likely to surface in the future due to the nature of the illness. Oregon has a large number of Navy engineers, sheet metal workers, and machinists, many of whom were not made aware of the hazards of their working conditions.

If you have lost a loved one due to mesothelioma cancer, you may be able to file a wrongful death suit. An attorney can gather work history and medical records to prove that your mesothelioma was directly linked to a specific job site. Once this information is obtained, your attorney can prove that negligent behaviors occurred and have contributed to your illness. Providing safety equipment is not enough to prevent a lawsuit. The safety equipment must adhere to specifics guidelines, or the company is likely to face charges in the future. Your first step is to contact a mesothelioma attorney who has had experience managing similar cases. An attorney confident in his or her abilities is likely to provide you with a consultation to review your claim and determine whether or not your case is feasible.

While you cannot erase the damages that have contributed to your poor health, you can provide your family with financial stability in the future. Contact a mesothelioma attorney in Oregon today.


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