Government Request For Lawsuit Dismissal Denied


A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit at the request of the government. The lawsuit was filed by two men, who claim that immigration officers drugged them while trying to deport the two men. The lawsuit was filed against the US Department of Homeland Security by the two men, Amadou Diouf and Raymond Soeoth.

According to the two men they were forcibly given mind altering drugs usually used to treat psychotic patients. The officials that have been accused of administering the drugs are officers from the San Pedro detention centre.

An attorney that was representing the two men welcomed the decision, stating: “This is a very significant ruling because this means we can now get information from the government that will reveal the truth about this awful practice of forcibly drugging immigrants.”

Hiroshi Motomura, who teaches immigration law at University of California, Los Angeles, stated: “The government is consistently taking the position that detention standards are not subject to enforcement. But this ruling signifies that there are limits on what the government can do.”


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