Bankruptcy Filed by T. Robert Hill Law Firm


On March 15 a press release from the Law Offices of T. Robert Hill note that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

A longtime stockholder Ricky Boren and a former employee of  Hill attempted a take over of The Law Offices of T. Robert Hill and in the release the law offices made they stated the take over attempt caused “financial chaos” and said the bankruptcy was the result.

“Boren and Boyd filed a lawsuit in December 2016 in an attempt to takeover total control of Hill Boren PC (now known as The Law Offices of T. Robert Hill),” as stated by the release. “Making false and derogatory allegations in the lawsuit papers. The distraction and financial drain on the corporation led to majority stockholder and President T. Robert Hill seeking Bankruptcy Reorganization (Chapter 11).”

The bankruptcy was confirmed by the Tennessee Western Bankruptcy Court. Law firm president T. Robert Hill according to the release state the Chapter 11 is not personally included in the up coming litigations.

In order to prevent any harm to clients, vendors, and creditors the release states Hill filed chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

“The law firm bearing my name has enjoyed a great reputation for exceptional legal work dating back to 1970,” according to Hill’s release. “I do not want the legacy of Hill Boren PC to end in chaos after my retirement. Therefore, I chose to wind down the firm in an orderly, acceptable manner in response to Boren’s hostility.”

In December of 2016 Boren and Boyd separated from Hill Boren and opened their own law firm.

The listed property of  the Law Offices of T. Robert Hill are on 1269 N. Highland Ave.

The building has been on the market already for the last 3 months.

Although, law offices have been listed for a while Hill states the selling and the bankruptcy are not related to each other he is just the president of both.

“The building is owned in a general partnership consisting of two individuals, and has been since 1980,” stated Hill. “That’s not in the Chapter 11.”

The listed building which is brick is listed for $980,000 for 14,688 square feet specified by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.


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