Can I Get a DUI While Riding a Bike? What About Other Modes of Transportation?


Can I Get a DUI While Riding a Bike? What About Other Modes of Transportation?

The notion of getting a DUI while on a bicycle might seem silly, but it’s very realistic. You might think you can’t get a DUI on a bike, but you can. In fact, there is a wide range of motorized and non-motorized vehicles that you cannot legally operate while drunk.  It might be surprising, but it still is the law. Here are some of the vehicles in which that you can get a DUI if you drink while operating them.


You might think you don’t have to worry about being ticketed or being pulled over for DUI if you’re on a bicycle. After all, how much damage can a bicycle do? The reality is, however, that you pose a great risk while on a bicycle. If you’re riding on a bicycle wall under the influence of alcohol or other substances, you are not in control of your movements to the extent that you should be. If you veer into the road, you could cause an accident. Furthermore, you pose a risk to pedestrian and others, as well. This law also protects your safety, since there are many ravines, creeks, alleys, reservoirs, and other places that you could fall into while on a bicycle if you are under the influence.

Golf Cart

A golf cart is another vehicle in which you can get a DUI. Again, many people think this is laughable, but a golf cart can do serious damage if operated by somebody under the influence. For instance, if the golf cart operator drove it into the middle of traffic, that could cause much injury and chaos. The golf cart operator themselves could end up in a pond or in a dangerous situation, and when it comes down to a golf cart and a pedestrian, the pedestrian will lose.

Tractor or Equipment

Tractors and farm equipment that has to be driven is also off-limits if you’re under the influence. Consider the damage you could do if you were driving a tractor while drinking. most farm equipment, commercial equipment, tractors, and other such vehicles are large and consist of appendages that have sharp ends and potentially destructive elements.

Motorized Wheelchairs or Scooters

Yes, even a motorized wheelchair or scooter is considered a vehicle, and you are not allowed to operate it if you’re under the influence. A wheelchair, if driven by someone who’s drunk or otherwise under the influence, can cause serious damage and injury to both the person driving and anybody who happens to be in their path. The danger of a drunk driver operating a motorized wheelchair is particularly high since motorized wheelchairs can be used inside small public places, like stores.

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