Diabetes Drug, Byetta, About to Face Big Trial


The diabetes drug, Byetta, is under fire right now for allegedly causing the death of two individuals and causing acute pancreatitis in five others. As of today, the number of prescriptions written in the US for Byetta towers at over seven million. In November, the case will reach the California court system in November to determine whether the allegations about Byetta being dangerous to a person’s health are true.

The nation was first warned by the FDA about Byetta being dangerous in 2007, when a number of cases of acute pancreatitis had sprung up in diabetic patients on Byetta.

Acute pancreatitis can be diagnosed when the pancreas is inflamed and certain symptoms are observed along with it. The condition often causes the sufferer to experience nausea, upper abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms indicative of a more serious condition.

Representing the victims of pancreatitis, caused by the diabetic medication in question, is Brian Depew, a Los Angeles lawyer that works for the ELL (Engstrom, Lipscomb, and Lack) Law Firm. Depew is not only representing the five individuals that have fallen victim to the pancreatitis caused by the use of Byetta, but he is also representing the two deceased individuals that lost their battles to the ruthless condition. Each and every one of the plaintiffs were prescribed the diabetic medication before the FDA had released its warning pertaining to it in 2007.

All seven of the plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit were in need of medical care related to their cases of pancreatitis. Due to their conditions, the plaintiffs missed out on income, lost money to medical expenses, sustained permanent bodily injuries, and endured emotional trauma.

Brian Depew states, “At the trial, we will put on a whole series of internal documents to prove that they knew or should have known that there is a risk with this drug and it required a warning, and that they failed to do so.”

Because the digestive system is such a complicated infrastructure, the jury will need to undergo thorough education of it in order to make sound decisions.

The drug companies deny the allegations at this point in time. The legal case is set to take action in the court of law sometime in November.


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