Fifty Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed over Chimp Attack


After she was attacked by a friend’s pet chimpanzee, the family of a woman has filed a fifty million dollar lawsuit against the owner of the animal. It was reported a couple of weeks ago that Charla Nash, who remains in a critical condition, was attacked by the chimp.

The chimp belonged to her friend, Sandra Herold, and Herold has now been accused of negligence and recklessness. It is further claimed that Herold had given the animal some medication that had made his violent behaviour even worse.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs said: “Going forward, there’s going to be astronomical expenses associated with the procedures she’s going to require.” Nash’s brother added: “No amount of money can compensate my sister for the injuries she has suffered. Nevertheless, it is my belief that probable cause exists that judgment will enter in favour of the plaintiff in the amount of at least $50m.”

The lawsuit was filed in Stamford, Connecticut, and the defendant has been banned from selling or mortgaging her assets in the meantime. The chimp was shot and killed by police officers after the attack.


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