Firm Faces Lawsuit Over Unapproved Device


A man has filed a lawsuit against Redflex Traffic Systems Inc over the use of a radar device that was not approved for use in the United States. The lawsuit was filed by James G. Tavernetti of Paradise Valley, who claims that he was issued with a ticket as the result of a mobile van that was equipped with unapproved British radar equipment.

The lawsuit has also been filed against the town of Paradise Valley, and was filed last month in Maricopa County Superior Court. The lawsuit claims that the British radar device that was used in the mobile van was not approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

The lawsuit was set in motion by competitor American Traffic Solutions Inc after it complained about the use of the radar in a DPS test program. An attorney representing the plaintiff said: “That’s what got us the information that Redflex was using devices that weren’t certified by the FCC.”

He also claimed that the lawsuit could turn into a class action one, as many people who had been issued with tickets through this device may not otherwise take action to claim back their money.


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