How Long Do Felony Traffic Violations Stay On My Record?


How Long Do Felony Traffic Violations Stay On My Record?

Felony traffic violations are serious and can cause problems for you into the future. Maybe your felony traffic violation is the reason you couldn’t get a job. Maybe it’s the reason you couldn’t get a loan or an apartment. It’s no secret that felony traffic violations can impact your life in many ways, so you might be wondering how long those violations are going to stay on your record. Many people believe that felony traffic violation stay on your record for seven years across the board. However, as with most legal issues, there is no single answer. How long your felony traffic violation stays on your record largely depends on a number of factors surrounding your case. Here are some of the factors that might be considered.

Your State

The state you live in, or the state in which the violation took place, has a lot to do with how long that violation will stay on your record. For the same exact violation, some states might only make you carry it on your record for a few years while another state might make you carry it around for 10 years. It honestly depends on the rest of the circumstances in your case, the state you’re in, and the laws within those states. Some states are very harsh on traffic violations, particularly felony traffic violations, and other states are more lenient. It’s important to contact your traffic attorney to find out which state laws apply to you.

Your Criminal History

Your criminal history might also play a part in how long a violation sticks around on your record. If you were a first-time offender, part of your negotiation in court might be to have your violation dropped after just a couple of years. First-time violators might also be able to ask for an expungement after a certain probation period is served. However, as with most things in the law, if you’re a repeat offender you might have to carry that felony traffic violation on your record for a longer period of time.

The Severity of the Crime

The severity of the crime or violation also makes a difference. Obviously it was a felony if it’s a felony traffic violation, but there are varying degrees of felonies, as well. For instance, if minors were involved you might be facing a longer sentence during which you’ll have to carry that violation on your record. However, if there were mitigating circumstances that helped you in court, you might be able to negotiate the expungement or release of those violations from your record after a shorter period of time.

Aggravating Circumstances

If there are aggravating circumstances that made the situation worse for you in court, you might have a more difficult time negotiating the expungement of your felony traffic record. For instance, if you were using alcohol at the time of the violation, you engaged and reckless behavior, or you put a minor in danger, those things might make it more difficult for you to negotiate having that violation removed from your record earlier.

Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating circumstances are factors that make your situation better. For instance, if you were only an accomplice and not the main instigator of a crime or violation, that might be taken into consideration and might serve to benefit you. Another mitigating circumstance might be that it was your first time committing this type of felony violation. If you have a number of mitigating circumstances in your case, you might be able to negotiate early expungement of your record. Alternatively, you might be able to carry around that violation for less time than you would have otherwise, even if you can’t negotiate an expungement.

Every legal situation can be potentially serious, but a felony violation is particularly important to deal with. It’s critical that you consult with a traffic attorney in your state to find out how long your felony traffic violation will stay on your record. Only a qualified traffic attorney in your state can help negotiate the best possible outcome for you in court. Get a consultation today and take the first step down the path of protecting your rights and your freedom.


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