Lawsuit Filed Against Bank Of America


A lawsuit has been filed against the Bank of America by a former employee who states that he was discriminated against by the financial giant. Joseph L Paul, a black former employee, claims that he was moved from a high ranking position in New York to a lower job in Hartford, with the bank stating that the reason for this was to maintain a good relationship with the state treasurer in Connecticut, who is also black.

The plaintiff claims that after being appointed vice president of a failing bank, which he then turned into a success in 1991, he was then asked in 2004, aged fifty six, to move to a management position in Hartford. He claims he had no experience in the area in which the bank asked him to move.

Paul accused the bank of racial discrimination. The lawsuit claims that the bank then terminated his employment because of the accusation, but the bank has claimed that he was fired due to poor performance. Paul added that he had found out that the bank wanted him to fill a position that had been preciously held by a black employee, Will Noel.

The lawsuit stated: “The bank failed to inform Mr. Paul that it wanted him to transfer to Connecticut solely because it wanted another African-American to replace Will Noel. The bank sought out Mr. Paul to replace Mr. Noel… solely as a token gesture to appease the state.”


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