Lawsuit Filed Against NASCAR


A lawsuit has been filed against NASCAR by a woman that is alleging that she was discriminated against both sexually and racially when she worked for NASCAR as a Nationwide Series Official. Her employment at NASCAR was terminated in October of last year, and officials from NASCAR said that this was due to poor performance.

Thirty two year old Mauricia Grant is seeking two hundred and twenty five million dollars with the lawsuit, which was filed last week in federal court in New York. She alleges twenty three counts of sexual harassment and a further thirty four counts of both racial and sexual discrimination.

Industry officials have stated that even if the claims cannot be proven and the case then gets dismissed NASCAR still risks having its reputation damaged by the claims made in the lawsuit.

One industry official said: “I’m curious to see how they respond to this. It could go a long way toward showing what kind of organization they are. If the suit turns out to be valid, then obviously it’s a blow to the sport. Either way it goes, they’re probably going to lose a little bit.”


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