Lawsuit Filed By Families Of Nepali Men

A lawsuit has been filed against the defense contractor KBR and a Jordanian subcontractor, both of which have been accused of human trafficking after twelve Nepali men were killed by Iraqi insurgents. The lawsuit has been filed by family members of the twelve men that were killed.

According to the lawsuit the twelve men were made to work in Iraq against their will, having been lured with the promise of jobs in a posh hotel in Jordan. The lawsuit was filed in US District Court earlier this week and one of the plaintiffs is a Nepali man who survived the attack.

The lawsuits claims that in 2004 the men were being taken to work at a US air base in Iraq when they were intercepted by insurgents, who then held them captive and killed them days later. The incident occurred in 2004.

The lawsuit goes on to state that the men were recruited and told that they would be working in a posh hotel, but their documents and passports were then taken from them and they were forced to go to Iraq, where they subsequently met with their deaths.

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