Lawsuit Filed For Return Of Fines Over Cell Phone Use

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the city of Chicago over fines imposed on drivers for using their cell phones while driving. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, after one lawyer claimed that the city had violated a state statute by failing to post prohibition signs with regards to the cell phone ban.

The lawsuit seeks the return of fines imposed on drivers who were caught using their cell phones while driving. Officials claim that there is no state law that requires the information to be posted publicly.

The lawsuit was filed after a Chicago man was hit with a fine over driving and using the cell phone, and the aim is to turn it into a class action involving thousands of other motorists that have been hit with similar fines.

The attorney involved in the lawsuit stated: “Why is this a big deal? Because millions of dollars have been taken out of the taxpayers, or out of just anybody who’s driving a car and being caught. Over 25,000 people have been arrested for this and prosecuted for this.”

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