One of the More Damaging Side Effects of Accutane


Accutane is a medication prescribed by doctors primarily for the treatment of severe cystic or nodular acne. It has also been used to treat some forms of cancer and skin disease. While there is no doubt this drug has helped many people, it is also true that the drug itself may produce horrible side effects and could even be life threatening.

There are many potential side effects from the use of this drug. Eye irritation, skin infection, joint pain, bone tenderness, rash, nosebleed, dry mouth, hair loss, headache, nausea, depression, stroke, blood clot, rectal bleeding, inflammatory bowel disease, hepatitis, inflammation of the pancreas, seizures, abnormal liver function, anemia, birth defects and mental disorders which include suicidal tendencies are just a few of the possibilities.

Crohn’s Disease, a form of inflammatory bowel disease, is one of the worst side effects a patient could get from taking Accutane. It can affect the entire intestinal track and cause bowel scarring and obstruction. While there is no cure for this disease, it can be managed. However, an unattended obstructed bowel can lead to death.

Initial symptoms of Crohn’s Disease include fever, weight loss, fatigue, extended diarrhea and abdominal pain. Symptoms that may occur due to narrowing of the bowel from an obstruction include cramps, bloating after eating and loud noises from the stomach area. Those who have taken Accutane and experience these symptoms should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the patient will usually experience constant constipation once the bowel has become permanently narrowed which is usually a result of an impaction caused by undigested foods.

This leads to an unpleasant and uncomfortable way of life for the patient. With luck there will be a cure found for this disease in the future. And, in the meantime, there have been many successful lawsuits which have helped those affected unfavorably by Accutane get he medical treatment they need and have a better life.


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