Paralyzed Passenger Received $67 Million In An Auto Accident Verdict By Texas Jury


A Texas jury awarded Christopher J. Arnold $67 million in compensation after suffering paralysis because of a multi-vehicle collision. In August 2012, Christopher J. Arnold was traveling in a Ford SportTrak on FM 624 (Northwest Blvd.) near Calallen, Texas when the driver made a U-turn onto the freeway in front of a van and was struck from behind. The vehicle was then struck a second time by a Chevrolet pickup which was driven by an employee of Weatherford, US, L, P. This ultimately caused a chain reaction auto accident.

The attorney for the plaintiff Christopher J. Arnold won the case based on the arguments that safe following distance rules were broken during this incident.

The Defendants argued that Christopher’s vehicle was responsible for causing this chain reaction auto accident by making a U-Turn and that Arnold should have been wearing a safety belt that would have prevented his injuries.

Christopher’s attorneys further argued against the statements given by defendant’s attorney that no policy or firm procedure is found at Weatherford for safe driving and that the driver of Weatherford could have avoided the second clash if he would have stopped in time.

However, after a 2-and-a-half-year trial, the jury finally sided with Christopher J. Arnold and awarded him a sum of $67 million. Arnold received injuries in the neck, back, with additional vertebral fractures, brain bleeding, rib fracture, spinal cord injuries and serious damage to various other body organs.

It is almost a miracle that Christopher survived this horrific auto accident. The jury finally found the accident happened due to negligence and gross negligence by the Weatherford driver in causing chain reaction auto accident.


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