Pennsylvania Woman Awarded $6 Million In A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit


A Common Pleas Court Judge approved a settlement of $6 million to a Mercer County woman who lost her husband due to medical malpractice in 2013. Leigh A. Isaac filed the lawsuit against Dr. Joseph Wizorek of UPMC Horizon for negligence when treating her husband, Harold D. Isaacs Jr. Harold was admitted into the care of Dr. Wizorek following a minor auto accident, according to the filed lawsuit.

The lawsuit further states that a CT scan was taken of Harold’s chest in which a small asymptomatic mass was found in a connecting tissue. Dr. Wizorek recommended surgery to remove the mass.  The surgery was performed on June 30, 2013, and unfortunately, Harold Isaacs died the following day due to multi-system organ failure. The Isaacs family attorney Neil R. Rosen consulted an expert regarding the medical treatment of Harold Isaacs and it was found that there were numerous mishaps in the standard of care provided.

The case was filed against Dr. Wizorek on medical malpractice grounds where both the parties eventually reached a settlement of $6 million. According to the details of the settlement, $1.2 million will be paid to each of Isaacs minor children, $2.4 million will go Leigh Isaacs and $400, 000 go towards attorney’s fees.


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