Proposed Law Would Extend Opportunity to Immigrants


Proposed Law Would Extend Opportunity to Immigrants

In Wisconsin, many students have to go to extraordinary lengths and endure a lot of stress in order to make ends meet. While they’re seeking to make a living and earn their way into school, they do so worrying that they can be deported at any moment. That’s because driver’s licenses and in-state tuition are unavailable to residents whose parents brought them into the country illegally when they were little. However, one lawmaker — Tony Evers — is seeking to make the situation better for them by extending driver’s license and in-state tuition privileges to children whose parents brought them into the country illegally.

The Current State

As it stands, children whose parents brought them into the country illegally face incredible odds when it comes to going to college. Without access to a driver’s license, they have to travel sometimes hours by way of public transportation in order to get to college — assuming they were able to gain access to education in the first place. On top of that, if they are able to gain access to education, they have to pay higher fees than other state residents because in-state tuition discounts aren’t offered to them. There are several accounts throughout the state of students who are working multiple jobs, traveling hours to school, and working incredibly hard just to make ends meet and get an education, and then having to pay more than other state residents to get that education. Finding financial aid can also be difficult on top of everything else since they don’t have access to a driver’s license. The situation is very difficult — more difficult than it needs to be — and Evers wants to change that.

Evers’ Plans for Change

Evers wants to make things just a little easier for these individuals who are currently facing barriers to driver’s license and in-state tuition access. His bill and legal efforts would change the law, extending the ability to obtain a driver’s license to children whose parents brought them into the country illegally. These immigrants would also be allowed to apply for in-state tuition, which would lessen the financial barriers to education. Those who support Evers’ laws feel that it’s unfair to punish individuals for choices their parents made, and that as long as they’re contributing to the community and leading good lives that are crime-free and productive they should be given the chance to prove themselves. They also feel that unnecessary barriers to access to opportunity and education, especially legal barriers, are unfair, as well, and should be removed.

Republican Pushback

Republicans are none too happy about this law proposal. They feel that these issues should be handled at the Federal level and shouldn’t be included in the state Budget discussions. Some Republican lawmakers have been very vocal about their opposition to the case, one going so far as to call the state Budget agenda a “liberal wish list”. Some oppose the idea that “illegal” immigrants should be able to have access to in-state tuition and driver’s licenses, regardless of whether or not entering the country was their choice. Others are opposed to taking up the State’s time during budget meetings on what they consider to be Federal matters, whether or not they support the idea that Evers has. Either way, Republicans are hoping to keep Evers’ bills off the table, but many are still hopeful that it will go through and help thousands of people.

What to Do if You’re Struggling

Whether or not the bills pass, there are still legal options for those who are trying to obtain access to education and various services. Immigration attorneys in Wisconsin can help you fight for your rights and remove some of the obstacles to success. Never try to navigate the legal system on your own. Instead, make sure to have legal counsel at your side.

If you’re struggling to obtain fair treatment, access to education, and similar services and abilities, contact a Wisconsin immigration attorney today. Only a qualified and experienced immigration attorney can help you fight for your rights, obtain the best results, and help you achieve your dreams and be rewarded for your hard work. Don’t wait — contact an immigration lawyer today.


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