Rapper Sued Over Rolling Stones Song


Rapper Lil Wayne is being sued by a musical publishing company that owns the rights to the Rolling Stones song ‘Play with Fire’, stating that the rapper released an altered version of the song without getting permission. The lawsuit was filed on Thursday against the singer by Abkco Music Inc.

Lil Wayne, his record company, and musical collaborators are all being sued by the musical publishing firm. The lawsuit claims unfair competition and copyright infringement. Unspecified damaged are being sought in the lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court.

Abkco claims that Lil Wayne’s song, Play with Fire, is clearly an imitation of the Stones’ Playing with Fire, and the original music and lyrics have been altered in a way that makes it easily recognizable. The firm said that one of the lines from the original song goes “But don’t play with me, ’cause you’re playing with fire” and the line in Lil Wayne’s version goes “But you can’t blame me if I set this stage on fire.”

The lawsuit also claims that the public could be led to believe that the Rolling Stones and the music firm had approved the new version of the song, which is said to contain “explicit, sexist and offensive language”


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