Transgender Lawsuit Reinstated by Courts


A lawsuit that was filed by a transgender former inmate has been reinstated by the state appeals court after originally being rejected by a San Francisco Superior Court jury. The lawsuit had claimed that prison guards failed to protect the inmate from being beaten and raped by other inmates at the facility.

The lawsuit was filed by Alexis Giraldo, who was a former inmate at Folsom State Prison in January 2006, after being found guilty of shoplifting and violation of parole. She claims that another inmate began assaulting and sexually abusing her on a daily basis at the facility.

The complaint goes on to state that her complaints about her treatment were ignored by prison guards until March of that year. At this point she was transferred to a segregated unit after another inmate attacked her with a weapon.

Earlier this week the Court of Appeals overturned the original judge’s ruling in relation to the case. The court said that prison guards that are in charge of these facilities had to ensure that reasonable steps were taken to protect inmates.


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